Written and Invoked by Marcia.

I am the detective.
He is the murderer.
I am architecture.
He is demolition.
I am the form,
He is the shadow.
I am tea and milk,
He is beer and wine.
I am Robert Palmer and the Palmer Girls.
He is Tina Turner and the Ikettes.
I am Frank Zappa.
He is Frank Zappa.
I am harmony and form,
He is ecstasy and vagary,
I am transformed by him,
He is transformed by me.
Without him I am sterile.
Without me he is Chaos.

Without us both, art can never be balanced in perfection.
So I will reign here as the muse of our twin creation.
As the Muse of light clarity and darkness, of passion and reason!
On this night, at this event, to inspire and awaken you.