And now for a word from our sponsor

Are you tired? Out of ideas for creative gift-giving? Look no further! Your fraters and sorors at Mason Bradley toys have the answers for you!

While your cowan neighbors rot their brains over silly games like "Operation" and "Don't tip the waiter!" you can be having loads of good, wholesome occult fun with toys from Mason Bradley!

Yes, celebrate this Solstice with mirth and reverence by picking up a few classic games for all the little heathens on your gift list! The occult bookshop near you is stocked with our board games such as:


Clue-less ("Was it Mathers and the goat in the opium den with the candlestick?")

Life-afterlifeafterlifeafterlife ( "Be the first to move your piece through maya and be reborn into a better caste of pawns. The fun literally never ends!")

Trivial pursuit, Mythology editions ("In your choice of 4 pantheons")

Gematria Scrabble ("Finally! The proper way to tally up the score for each word!")

Futhork Bingo

Vivisection! ("Recommended for ages 7 and over, small parts may pose a choking hazard for children under 7.")

Old Mage ("Still our most popular card game!")

and the ever wacky interactive game:
Don't Trip the Blindfolded Postulant!

Get your little ones the games they have been chargin sigils for this holday season!

( -brought to you by nej )