Hermes Invocation from GOG's Samhain Ritual 2006.

Written by Nora. Invoked by Kristen.

Dawn-born traveler from the gates of Maia
Light-footed herald who stole from swaddling
A hundred kine could not keep one shining master
Stealer into Io’s silence
A hundred eyes could not hold your gaze
When You came
Stealing in around the edges
Wine-bright laughter and stilling song

No boundary but your gaze holds it
No border known but your wings cross it

Guide of dreams past sleeping spirits’ gates
Guide of spirits to the gates of Charon’s ferry

A serpent-twined staff to set every soul’s compass
A serpentine staff at each pillar man passes

Clever defender of hearth’s gates from evils
Soft-footed racer and captive’s release
A master’s spell could not pass the gates you bar
Giver of succor and warning
A master’s gate cannot bar where you would pass
Will You come
Giving from beloved edges
Still or laughing in stealth or song