The Friedman Chromatic
Psychological Status Indicator System (FCPSIS)

I have decided that people are hard work. In response to today’s complexities, meeting people and forming bonds with them is harder than ever. To smooth over the bumps we encounter when faced with other humans, I’ve created a color-coding system for people. This is a simple system and can be implemented
by simply wearing a sticker or pin of the appropriate color.

Those of you who receive this, feel free to label other people with stickers and explain what they mean.
Any person can have more than one sticker or pin.

Black— self-absorbed to the point of not even noticing other people
White— immature
Red— anger issues
Blue— intimacy issues
Orange— neurotic
Green— emotionally dependent/codependent
Yellow— passive-aggressive
Purple— insecure/attention needy
Silver— power issues
Brown— substance abuse/addiction
Glow in the dark— paranoid

There are ways to adjust this system. For instance, I would wear a large red sticker and a small glow-in-the-dark one, thus letting everyone know that I have mild paranoia, as well as anger problems.

You can change your stickers, trying out other personality disorders, as the mood strikes you. Which leads me to...
A small teardrop or blood drop sticker can be worn on any color to symbolize “hormonal variables.” These are PMS, or for men, variances in testosterone, and for both sexes poor eating or sleeping and other uncontrollable variables.
Again, I encourage you to share this system with friends and family members. I think it would make many business and social situations work more smoothly.

For instance, you’re having a party. Why not introduce a friend with emotional dependency problems to
a friend who has a power issue? Or introduce friends with anger issues to anyone? Sit back and watch the fun begin!

I hope you enjoy this new system as much as I am— let me know how it works out. :-)

This is copyrighted to E.L.Friedman, 1998, all rights reserved.
(Feel free to share this, but make sure you remember where you got it. :-))

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