NOTE: Most GOG rituals and planning meetings in this plague year will be performed online (until further notice).
(Imbolc 2021 will mark us having done the entire ADF 8 High Days, the entire Wheel of the Year, using an electronic format.)


Saturday, January 30th
Imbolc Ritual Planning Meeting

Saturday, February 6th
Imbolc Ritual
Please join us in celebrating Imbolc, with our Grove Patron Brigid as our special guest.

Sunday, March 14th
Equinox Ritual Planning Meeting
(online on our Discord server.)

Saturday, March 20th
Beach Rite to Manannan Mac Lir
at the Jersey Shore.
(We will continue to be socially distanced and masked for this in-person outdoor rite.)

Saturday, March 27th
Equinox Ritual
(online on Google Meet.)

Saturday, May 1st
Beltane at Dawn on the Princeton Battleground
(A socially distanced and masked event, even though a number of us will have been fully vaccinated by that time - does not hurt to be extra careful, n'est ce pas? Also broadcast on Zoom.)

Saturday, May 8th
Beltane Ritual

(Online ritual to the Earth Mother)

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