Saturday, February 11th:
Imbolc Ritual honoring GOG's patron Brigid

Friday, March 20th:
Spring Equinox Day Beach Ritual

Monday, May 1st:
May Morning Hobby Horse frolic
with Morris Dancers at dawn

Saturday, May 6th:
Annual Mayfaire Honoring The Dagda

Wednesday, June 21:
Our Famous Summer Solstice Rest Stop Ritual!

Sunday, June 25:
Midsummer Ritual Planning Meeting

Saturday, July 1:
Midsummer "Seusstice" Ritual & Picnic (Edison, NJ)

Sunday, July 30: Lammas Planning Meeting

Saturday, August 5:
20th Annual HOC Pagan Picnic
(GOG will be performing the opening ritual)

Saturday, August 12:
Lammas Ritual (Bridgewater, NJ)
Honoring Sif as the Norse goddess of fertility (of the agricultural sort) and family.

Friday, September 22:
Sun Wheel Roll (Hillsborough, NJ)

Date TBA:
Autumn Equinox Ritual

November 4 - 5:
Samhain Ritual and Vigil
(New Brunswick, NJ)

For more information get on GOG's e-mail list: othergods.nj@gmail.com.