Saturday, December 15:
Yule Ritual to Saturn and Boreas

Saturday, December 22:
Solstice Sunrise at the Jersey Shore


Saturday, January 26:
Imbolc Planning Meeting
Hearth and Home
(Trenton NJ area)

Saturday, February 2:
Imbolc Ritual
Hearth and Home
(Trenton NJ area)

Wednesday, March 20:
Equinox Day Beach Ritual

When we gather waters of 9 waves
from our gatekeeper Manannan Mac Lir

Date & Location TBA:
Spring Equinox Ritual

Wednesday, May 1:
May Day Dawn in Princeton
with Morris Dancers and GOG's Hobby Horse

(You need to do this at least once in your life!)

Saturday, May 4 (tentative):
Beltaine Ritual & Mayfair
Bridgewater NJ (11 AM onward)

Friday, June 21:
Summer Solstice Rest Stop Rite