--2017 continued--

Saturday, August 5: 20th Annual HOC Pagan Picnic
(GOG will be performing the opening ritual)

Saturday, August 12: Lammas Ritual (Bridgewater, NJ)
Honoring Sif as the Norse goddess of fertility (of the agricultural sort) and family.

Friday, September 22: Sun Wheel Roll (Hillsborough, NJ)
None of us are spring chickens anymore, so we will probably not be running up and down Sourland Mountain this year (unless there are folks that really want to), but we will come up with something new to do with our Sun Wheel. Early evening (we need to be out of the park by sundown), followed by dinner and fellowship at the Hillsborough Star Diner.

Saturday, September 23:
Autumn Equinox Ritual in Claymont, Delaware
As our Grove grows and changes, some people move away from the center of population; but this does not make them any less members of our Grove. We have been invited to spend our Equinox in a location about a half hour southwest of Philadelphia, just over the PA/DE border. The rite will likely be in the late afternoon/early evening.
Carpools can be arranged. Overnight crash space is also available, though our hosts request that you bring your own bedding and air mattresses / cots – they have plenty of space. Winterthur and other attractions are nearby.

Saturday, September 30:
New York City Pagan Pride Day in Battery Park, NYC
While not a GoG event, we will have members attending and vending. Come on out and you may meet members of Inis Ull (Apple Island) Grove, ADF and Paumanok Island Protogrove, ADF.

Saturday, October 7:
Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary – location TBD
Whether you were raised Catholic, or have an interest in non-Indo-European goddess figures, please join us in celebrating the feast of Mary, Our Lady.

Saturday, October 7:
South Jersey Pagan Pride Day in Pennsauken, NJ
Yes, the GoG Marian rite is on the same day (we’d started making plans before we realized it was the same day), but some folks may want to attend the South Jersey Pagan Pride Day instead. Many members of Red Oak Grove, ADF will be there if you are interested in meeting some other ADF Druids.

Saturday, October 28: Samhain Planning Meeting (New Brunswick, NJ)

November 4 - 5:
Samhain Ritual and Vigil
in New Brunswick, NJ
This is one of the most popular events in our liturgical year. Come join us as we celebrate the New Year with ritual, outdoor shrines and altars, and various activities all night until we greet the dawn.
We will be holding a raffle to fund the Grove for the next year. If you wish to donate an item for the raffle please send an email. I am pleased to note that our resident author Deborah Castellano will be donating a signed copy of her most recent book,
Glamour Magic, to the auction.

Saturday November 11:
Feast of Manannan in Point Pleasant, NJ

Join us on the beach behind Jenkinson’s as we return our Grove’s well waters to Manannan, from whom we borrowed the water back in early spring. Fun at Jenkinson’s Arcade and a Jersey diner dinner to follow.

Saturday December 9:
Parade of Spirits in Philadelphia, PA

Formerly the Krampuslauf, the Parade of Spirits is a holiday parade celebrating all sorts of spirits found in folklore from around the world.

Saturday December 16: Yule in New Brunswick, NJ
GoG's Yule Ritual and Celebration. In addition, we’ll be raffling off this year’s Cthulhu for Yulu. We’ll be holding the Awful Gift Exchange as usual – one person’s awful is another person’s wonderful.

Friday December 22: Winter Solstice Ritual in Point Pleasant, NJ
On the beach, at sunrise. Layers are your friend. A Jersey diner breakfast to follow.

For more information get on GOG's e-mail list: othergods.nj@gmail.com.