Saturday, September 28:
New York City Pagan Pride

Grove of the Other Gods has been invited to join
Inis Ull Grove, Paumanok Island Protogrove,
and ADF Archdruid Jean Pagano at the New York City Pagan Pride
event in Battery Park. We will be participating in an ADF ritual
with our New York neighbors, and there will be an ADF information table.

Sunday, October 20:
GOG Samhain Planning Meeting

Saturday - Sunday November 9 - 10
Samhain Ritual and Vigil
(New Brunswick)
A ritual to Odin, All-Father, in his role as wanderer and psychopomp.
All night vigil with Divinijam, altars, pumpkins,
reading the Book of Ancestors, and more.

Saturday, November 16
Feast of Manannan Beach Ritual
when we offer grain and beer and
our grove well to our grove's gatekeeper.

Saturday, November 30
Yule Planning Meeting
Rituals are always more meaningful
when you're involved in the planning.

Saturday, December 14th
Yule Ritual

Sunday, December 22nd
Winter Solstice Sunrise Beach Ritual
Hardcore Pagan fun as we greet the sun at the beach
on the first day after the solstice!
Then to a diner for breakfast.