Sunday January 28: Imbolc Planning Meeting in Bloomfield, NJ
Help plan GOG's Imbolc Ritual. Come help us craft a beautiful ritual for our beloved Grove Patroness. You'll be glad you did! RSVP please.

Saturday, February 10: Imbolc Ritual in Bloomfield, NJ
Join GOG for a ritual to honor the Celtic Goddess Brigid.

Equinox Beach Ritual to Manannan Mac Lir (TBA)

Saturday, GOG Equinox Ritual (TBA)

Tuesday, May 1: Beltane Dawn with Morris Dancers (Princeton, NJ)
Join us as we watch Morris Dancers, Molly Dancers, and Maypole Dancers do traditional dances to wake the earth in Princeton, NJ. Our Grove will be contributing to the Dawn festivities with a Hobby Horse frolic and a traditional May Song.

Beltane Mayfaire (TBA)