Random Quotes from GOG's 2004 Lughnasadh
Recorded by Kristen
(The Passion of Llew and Blodeuedd: A Wedding, a Death and a Resurrection. )


"The two us are like matter & anti-matter." (Nej)

"I get to be the villain of the piece." ( Norma / Gronowy) Much heckling ensued for such a genteel description of the ritual drama.

"Circle like a snowglobe, energy starts bouncing around like a bunch of super balls." (Norma, comparing a Wiccan circle to Druid ritual.)

"We're very user-friendly." (Jenniforensic)

"It was agreed that the grove is essentially composed of free thinkers with a tendency to mutiny." (Principally Norma & Jenniforensic)

"Very much it takes a village (I wrote wizard? -Kristen) to run a ritual." (Jenniforensic)

"Honey, you get to bypass the vomit seat. You go straight to the barfomatic, not to be confused with the baphomatic, which is something else entirely." (Jenniforensic)

"You're going to be pulling Gs like one of those airplane simulators." (Nej.)

"Since you're not caught in the magickal snowglobe of ick..." (Nej)

"The songs are all in the key of pagan- there really are only 5 or 6 notes in any standard pagan song." (Nora / Brigid)

"We'll tell you everything that's going to happen." (Hillary)
"-Everything we know is going to happen." (Nora / Brigid)

"You got a haircut, and you shaved, and you're not wearing an ugly shirt - you get another hug!" (Hillary to Jeff)

"I was actually atheist when I joined RU Pagans." (Hillary)

"I wanted to get a get well card for him." (Hillary to Patty as Llew)

Tomfoolery. "My name is Tom, Tom Foolery." (Jeff placed dibs on the magickal name.)

Math went looking for a virgin, and Jenniforensic so didn't qualify. I was appointed to this highly coveted position, and my virginity was taken away a few moments later. Something about a stick?

"We are all boobs here." (Ed as Druid-In-Charge)

"Gwydion put the bastard in a box." (?)

"I tried, kid." (Jenniforensic / Gwydion)

"Blodeuedd has to find out how to kill Lugh and get him in that position." Ed

"Would anyone like to ring Jen's bell?" (Ed) This prompted a musical interlude. Many, many things prompted a musical interlude. I particularly recall something about Louie Louie, Ring My Bell and Brick House.

"For the love of all the gods, we need someone to be earthy today." (Ed?)

"What do I do as a well?" (Maggie)
"Be wet and deep." (Jeff?)
"There's not enough NO in the world." (Jenniforensic)

"I'm not saving myself for anything." (Hillary, referring to ritual roles)
"Comment withheld." (Jenniforensic)

"Put a little bit of your own psychic oompf." (Ed)
(when asked for elaboration)
"With your hands, not a tank. Please don't knock me over. Not until after the ritual." (Jenniforensic)

"If you don't come back, we'll come after you - the Outsiders have a way of making you want to stay outside with them." (Ed, to Jeff)

"Don't worry, she's not actually yelling at *you*." (Nora / Brigid)

"Outside for the death scenes- we'll be on location for that." (Nej as Math / director of play within a ritual)

"Look for the union label." (Nej)
"Secret gatekeepers handshake!"(Jenniforensic to Nej)

"Gwydion doesn't need no stinking song. Nothing rhymes with Gwydion anyway." (Jenniforensic / Gwydion)

"Norma is already happily fired." (Ed, on the Brigid song)

"And we're Pagans, and we do everything in 3s." (Ed)

"No druids left behind in this ritual!" (Nej)

"True change comes from within." (Nej, to Patty)

"She's starting to pace." (Jenniforensic, about Patty)
"We need to get started soon." (Nej)
"We're going to lose her." (Jenniforensic)


"I'm an old man! " (Gwydion / Jenniforensic)

"The corn is uncomfortably close to the scythe." (Ed to Jeff)

"...I'm having trouble getting off of her." (Dragynphyre, rising to give the earth mother invocation)

"You are now young, beautiful, and very very human." (Lady Sue, meditation)

"From the day I was created I have known that the nectar of my sweetness was fated only for you. I offer you this blossom, my husband, the only destiny I have ever known." (Blodeuedd / Lauren recites her vows)

"From the day I was born, I have known that no mortal maiden could warm my bed and share my path. I offer you this wing feather, my bride, the only partner that I could ever *no*." (Patty / Llew recites his vows)

"Let us celebrate the rites of the myths we cannot escape." (Brigid / Nora, end of marriage)

"The fire and its beauty, and its perfection, and its destruction." (Hillary)

"At least they're leaves, and they're there, and we know they'll be back." (Ed, to the caller of the tree, when she lost her train of thought around gold leaves)

"It's Kali, isn't it?! Or, I know, that brazen hussy, Brigid!" (Blodeuedd / Lauren)
"I beg your pardon!" (nora / Brigid, who was not happy)

"Be very very quiet, I'm hunting druids. Have you seen any?" (Gronowy / Norma)

Gronw and his sword are very happy to see Blodeuedd.

"Your husband is going to come home and he's going to *kill my ass*." (Gronowy / Norma)
"What if we kill his ass?" (Blodeuedd / Lauren)
"You said it first - and that's *not* in the script." (Gronowy / Norma)
"oh, shit." (Blodeuedd / Lauren)
"Well, since *you* said it first..." (Gronowy / Norma)

"Outside is no stranger to me than inside." (Jeff)
"I got water. It's really good water." *Malcolm follows*
(Jeopardy theme song)
"Did the Outsiders take Jeff as our offering?" (?)
"They took Jeff & Malcolm." (Ed)
"I thought we didn't do human sacrifice?" (Jenniforensic)

"Roses are red, violets are blue
You used to be flowers, now I'm stuck with you!" (Jenne, in bardic commercial)

"How did you earn that? How did you love that? Know who you are and choose to give." (Brigid / Nora)

"Fire us up!" (Norma / Gronowy / Brigid?)
Then Gronowy threatens Brigid with his sword.

Oh, ancestors. (Deb - "what's my motivation? Why am I here?") Hauntingly pretty invocation.

"Luckily, I have a plan. I do." Mafia nature spirits, summoning up memories of Frank Sinatra being a wiseass. (Josh)

"Manannan." (Nej)
"No thanks, I'll stay out here." (Jenniforensic)

"Y'all know who you are." (Jeff)

"Togas! Where are the togas? You said it! Where are they?!"
(Patty / Llew, to Chuck who made the mistake of suggesting togas)

"Give me that beer, put it down, no method actors here." (Math / Nej)

"It's never going to happen 'cause I'm not stupid enough to stand on a *goat*!" (Llew / Patty)

"What are you all looking at?" (Gronowy / Norma after killing Llew)

"Inevitably betrayed by the man I did love. Blodeuedd, the forgotten Goddess." (Blodeuedd / Lauren)

"I have praise." (Gronowy / Norma)
"Oh shit!" (Llew / Patty)
"I loved her, you know. And I love her still." (Gronowy / Norma)

"You crazy kids." (Josh)

"Eh, where you going, where you going." (Llew hugs somebody)

"I raised that boy from a box." (Gwydion / Jenniforensic)

"You chose, year after year, to repeat your roles. Every year, long after you've learned the lesson, to play the villain in the eyes of so many. To play the victim in the eyes of so many." -wisdom and grace- (Brigid / Nora)

"It couldn't've been easy, living with someone who was always absent." (Hillary)

"The Gods speak German, too..." (Ed)

"They are saying, on a rather morbid note, that all dead flesh feels betrayed, but it's better than not to have lived." (Jeff, re: the Outsiders commenting on praise)

"Our voices go up to Thee on the wings of eagles, our praises on the shoulders of the wind..." (Ed)
"There were birds in the wisteria... 200 birds just took off, when you said that." (Norma)
"Damn, you start thinking this stuff is real." (Norma)

We were down to 87 talents of Lugh on the wall by the time the oracle was deciphered (2 minutes precisely by Jeff's watch), and that's still a hell of a lot of talents.

Omen: Change takes time, Let beauty grow, Right here right now, & Unpredictable change.

"Llew in bread form is a very well endowed gentleman. " (?)

"The old Gods and Goddesses have not returned because they never left us." (Ed)

"I manifested hos!" (Llew / Patty)


(Those here for the bride, the reception is inside; if you're here for the groom, the wake is outside.)

"Have you tried the oatmeal cookies that have been compared to the body of Christ, only better?" (Hillary)

"You're not a good Catholic if they don't have wheat." (?)

"I'll be happier in a minute, you're all going to blow me. Harder, faster." (Patty / Llew handing out wedding bubbles)

"Get me a knife." (Lauren / Blodeuedd)
"No, no knives." (Kristen)
"No, we really need a knife." (Lauren / Blodeuedd)

"Apparently not Jewish." (on the bread man in the fire)
"We could fix that. Have a burning bris."

"Don't want you to blow me, get out of here! You're my *wife*- ex-wife." (Patty / Llew)

"Does anyone else hear the ice cream man? Tell me I'm not hearing this." (Patty / Llew)
"Yes, Mr. Softy." (Peg in the purple corset)

"Does it burn when you pee?" (to Llew, concerning the burning bread man)

"Llew is roasting on an open fire
Blodeuedd plotted his demise" (Patty / Llew)

"The penis is still hanging on, Llew!" (Report on the state of things from onlookers)
"Yes!" (Llew)

"Would you like bubbles? You can blow yourself." (Lauren / Blodeuedd)
"That gets written down *now*."

"You are quite well done." (nature boy clinks bottles with Patty / Llew)
"And that deserves a toast?"
"Everything deserves a toast."

"The bubble that she just blew that landed on my crotch was more amusing." (Patty / Llew re: Lauren / Blodeuedd's bubbles)

"Have I mentioned how much I hate Samhain?" (Patty / Llew)

"Why do you write stuff down?" (?)
"Because people are funny."(Kristen)

"It was nice knowing you." (? to Jeff)
"Guess Jeff is dead." (?)
"I'll shower, just for the occasion." (Jeff?)

"Dead people and food don't mix... for me, anyway." (Deb)

And there was ice cream.

"He was like your sweet old racist grandfather who makes being racist okay again." (Misha, talking about Ronald Reagan.)
"Cowardice is a kind of intelligence." (Misha)
"So ugly it was adorable." (Misha)
"A 50 ft asthmatic being strangled to death." (Misha)
"Educated by the testicles." (Misha)

"I walked in at nothing at all and sleeping in handcuffs." (Patty)

(Misha reels off something in Russian that sounds like a death threat.) "That's a love poem."
"You could've been saying 'stupid americans' and I'm like ahhhh...." (Patty)
" '...and Satan rules the world.' But it sounds so romantic." (Misha)
"You mean it wasn't?" (Norma)

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