SOME RECENT GROVE EVENTS: ....May 3: Our 11th Beltane May Faire. At a park in Morristown, NJ: May Faire, and the usual Mayhem. Floral Headwreath Making! Hobby-Horse, Dragon and Other Beasties! Altars to all sorts of things! Labyrinth! Feasting! Fairybox & Cthulhu Crafts workshops! Fairy dance! May Pole! And Erica led a Druid Ritual! 34 attended, and the weather was fabulous! CLICK TO SEE BELTANE 2003 PHOTOS! ....April 30 to May 1st- Beltane Night Vigil and Beltane Dawn Hobby Horse: 5 of us stayed up all night (and 2 more stopped by) with stories, songs and faery cakes (and we repaired our Beltane banners) and, at **THE BREAK OF DAWN** on Thor’s Day, May 1st, in the DRIZZLE and RAIN, 10 of us met in Princeton, NJ to help Morris Dancers, Molly Dancers and Maypole Dancers wake up the earth. GOG contributed to the Dawn festivities with a Hobby Horse ritual and a traditional May Song, in front of 60+ spectators (in the drizzle at dawn). Yes, it was too early in the morning and it was in the middle of the week and it was raining, but it was also a lot of fun, and one of the most amazingly beautiful things you’ll ever see.... ....April 17th: GOG Glamourbombing Rutgers Pagan Student Assoc. 5 GOG members talked and demonstrated the shiny and subversive art of Glamourbombing. ....April 3: Middle Eastern Belly Dancing Rutgers Pagan Student Assoc. Peg and her American Tribal troupe hosted a bellydancing workshop....March 29: Loki Blot: 10 attended a blot to one of our Justin’s patron deities. For more on this, CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS! ....March 26: RUPSA Pagan Panel Discussion: In the Rutgers University Student Center. The topics were "Sex" and "Death": Paganism and Alternative Lifestyles and Pagan Death and the Afterlife. Norma represented GOG’s ADF Druid viewpoint on the panel. ....March 23 : Spring Equinox Trance Ritual Journey to the Land of Manannan Mac Lir. Jen Martin and Ed led a trance journey to the land of Manannan Mac Lir to honor and praise our gatekeeper, and celebrate the gray dawn of Spring. We blessed our skills and talents - those tools of body and mind and spirit that we use in our work - through the 5 senses. We consecrated our well to magic for another year. 18 in attendance. CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS! CLICK TO SEE THE SCRIPT(!) for the trance ritual! ....March 19: Beach Ritual to Manannan Mac Lir. 7 of us met at Pt. Pleasant at the Jersey Shore to collect 9 waves water and honor Manannan, our Gatekeeper, and freeze our balls off. CLICK TO SEE PHOTO! ....Feb. 9th: GOG ADF Druids visit Orange Unitarian Church Norma was invited to do a sermon: Feb. 9th, 2003, in Orange, NJ. The theme was Brigid and Imbolc: Spring’s Underground Beginnings–Rev. Norma Hoffman, ADF, Guest Speaker: In the cold of early February, many ancient and modern traditions have a celebration to anticipate the arrival of Spring. Join us as the Rev. Hoffman, Senior Druid of Grove of the Other Gods, ADF, discusses the folk traditions, myths, and contemporary Pagan practices that connect the holidays of Imbolc, Candlemass and Groundhog Day. Come and herald the underground beginnings of Spring. Thanks to Greg and Liz for help, and Carolyne for tremendous hospitality! For rough sermon notes visit our web site. ....February 1st: Imbolc: Ritual to our Muse, Patroness and Bright Goddess Brigid. Liturgists: Jenne and Betty and Jack and Ed. Jenne did a fantastic job leading the ritual, even when Brigid jumped in and claimed Her own offerings. 29 people. Wonderful praise, good omens, tasty food, tall fire, lovely dolly, lots of candles. We made Brigid’s crosses. Jack drew throughout the ritual (see cover). CLICK TO SEE PHOTOS!