Kristen's Quotes from the Wild Sidhe of New Brunswick Ritual!


"Good evening." (E)
"And welcome to Masterpiece Theater?" (Hl)
"Exactly." (E)

"Oh, to be a ventriloquist." (Nm)

"So quiet in here, it's kinda freaky." (Mn)

"Liquid. Human. Really hot weather. Good idea." (Nm)

"You have pigtails!" (PK, sporting the same, to another grove attendee)
"Sorry, didn't get that memo." (Jnf)

"That's the most aggressive wearing of a white shirt I've ever seen." (Hl)
"How does one aggressively wear a white shirt?"


"I'll take you on a guided tour in your mind, which might be more fun."
"Like 'Being John Malkovich.'"

"How much more of a prep do I give them, Norma?" (DIC)
"I'd start assigning parts if I were you." (Nm)

"Bob?" (DIC, assigning parts)
"Bob doesn't speak." (Other Grove-r)
-his wife dies of laughter-

re: the directions
"I can probably do two out of three of those-"
"There's four, actually."

To Mgg, who was protesting against being recruited for invocation-
"Wasn't the quote, 'I can't get enough of rituals when I come back from
Colorado'?" (Tr)

"Can I do that too?" (Bt, who was already signed up for the opening chime)
"Sure, it's not really a pivotal role. I mean, it is, ding ding ding, but-"

"Who's going to be the willows?"
"Not me!" (Hl)


"That heavy, dark, and shiny power that is New Brunswick flows through you
now." (Nm)

"From the North- from the -South-, excuse me [...] from all these directions
come people to form a city." (Al)

The Tree
"The thing we forget about the tree [...] is its wicked sense of humor. The
tree gives us the apples in the fall. That are sweet, unless they're
poisoned. If you don't risk the poison apple, you're more than welcome to
starve. If you don't look for the door into other worlds, you'll stay in
just one...and there are -so- many other worlds." (Nr)

"-And Ireland makes me think of dirty limericks." (Mn - get that limerick!)

"Please keep the trays in an up and locked position. Please keep your
genitals inside your pants at all time. Please don' feed the bears unless
you know them and you're into that kindof thing." (DIC)

"We're coming up on the tavern, a known watering hole of the local fae."

"All these little worlds, full of jobs and commitments and responsibilities.
All these measly little worlds. How many of you are willing to let your
measly little worlds go? It's summertime." (E)

"The outsiders returned us rain in return for our offering."

"Fire us, fire us, fire us up- (deep breath) apologies." (Nr)
"Thank you for letting Her kick you around." (Nm)

"To our left is the Catholic church known for their priests and their large

"Red, safe word?" (DIC)
"We got that part. We're a little rusty on our ancient Egyptian." (JM)

"So, how 'bout those ancestors?"
"It touches us, and sometimes we like the way it touches us."
"We pass down the stories about how dangerous the fae are for a reason."
"How many of us have come back from the hills, our hair tousled and wondered
why food has lost its taste."
"Every old wives tale is an ancestor of ours." (Nr)

"Nature spirits." (Tr)
"I don't see a leash." (Hl)
"I left my dog at home." (Tr)
"Ooh, cherries."
"GoG is a spirit of place."
"Luckily, the college was not named after the barfly, Norm." (DIC)

Gods and Goddesses
"a) hail all the gods,
b) hail all the goddesses,
c) hail all the holy ones,
d) ...damn, I always forget this line. " (JM)
-DIC fingers his whip in a threatening manner (There's no way to describe
that action and not have it sound dirty, that's it)- "Remember anything?"
"Damn, why can't I forget my lines?" (Hl)
"Anyway, I'm an old ex-monotheist. You would think someone who just got a
masters in this would be more qualified than someone who spent the first
part of their life studying the Talmud-" (JM)
"You volunteered!" (Mgg)
"I don't worship any gods and goddesses...I just owe them. I learned a night
a little while ago that I owe the fae a great deal. And I don't remember
making this deal." (JM)
"Maybe you were drunk."

"The city becomes a part of you and you a part of it."

"We don't have to look far to find them...we are the sidhe." (DIC)

"I offer these beads, because they're shiny." (Btt)

"Now the Landing Lane bridge, now -that's- a bridge." (Hl)
"You look gorgous today, fat and happy. " (Hl, talking to the Raritan River)

"It's a long walk and it's a strange walk, and I'm glad to be back." (PML, on walking down Suydam Street)

"I have praise, and it's praise for the piper."
"If you've got the balls to follow the piper. If you have a choice." (Nm)

"Orlando Bloom is an idiot-"
"A -pretty- idiot." (Nr)

"I'm a small town girl. New Brunswick is the first city I've ever been in.
I thought, 'this is a big city, I'm going to drown.' And it didn't let me drown." (Kry)

"And I wrote another limerick. This one's better!" (Mn)

"-a great question he asked me in his writing, that I now pass onto you,
namely: would you, -could you- with a goat?" (JM)
"A goat?"
"Is it a satyr?"
"We'll talk." (JM)

"New Brunswick, thank you for sheltering these people, and as they request-"
[Al drops some change and a cigarette into the praise dish]

"They don't care that we're druids and they're christians. They care that
people are gonna get fed." (Nm)

"You'll like this deck. It makes me sick when I touch it." (Nm)

"-happy things, see the pretty little ponies-" (Mn)
"That eat people. Those are kelpies."

"Do things the opposite of the way you normally would." (Pg, assisting
the omen)
"Yes! A+!" (a relieved Mn)
"To see or call the faeries, you do something backwards."

"Then gimme them waters!" (DIC)
"Um... of what does the earth mother give?"
"My head is so fucked right now." (Hl)

"There's my truck parked in the driveway, I'm so glad I got here first."
(DIC, rubbing it in)