Spring Equinox 2008
Manannan as Storm-bringer,
Tempest-Tosser, God who eats Sailors

Inspired by The Tempest by William Shakespeare

Script by Hillary, Alex; contributions by Monica, Maggie, Pat, Ed, Kerry

Set the chairs in a double-row boat shape
Need queues for waves to start and stop
Queues for thunder along with those?
Pass out Lifesavers during pre-rit

Clear opening

Conch shell with storm sounds
We're casting off!

Earth (mother) - mgg
Land under the oceans

Meditation – Hill
On board ship, moving out into too-calm sea. Preparing self, batten down hatches
our mission: to bring the well out to be blessed
on the ship's deck, feel the breeze starting
sea getting rougher
prepare ourselves – get sea legs, rock with the boat – embrace it, don't fight it, come along for the ride. Can always use your lifesaver

Navigator names bodies of waters

Gates – sea movement and storm sounds start slow and build
Land (open)
Sky (open)
Sea (Pat)

Gatekeeper – Alex

Prospero enters THROUGH the ocean
Each element (rain, thunder, waves) stops as he orders them to

"Waves cease thy crash and calm thine 'plash, spray calm
and still thy furious spatter! Thunder!
Dissonant, unmelodious wrecker!
I conjure! Rest in great Jupiter's palm.

Rain! Your falling here is most unmeet, stay
In thy heavenly home. For no mean ship
Of castaways this, no. These come to tryst,
to dance, to chant, to seek great season's play.

For what else could drive e'en the brave to force
Their way through storm most unnatural? They
Come to find the storm's heart here and meet he
Who calls the wind, forces the waves to sport

The white caps they wear so jauntily. They
Come with purpose, and would not find it neat
To simply tell, no, they would wish even I
to guess. So I ask now: Are you with me?

Let me tell you of your host before I
Guess at your purpose here. Your host, I,
Was once Duke of Milan. You know, the town.
But he cared more for books, for libraries,

Than for governance. So into garrets
He fled, his library dukedom enough.
Enter his brother, Alonso, prideful
And reaching, who wished to turn all Milan,

Both serf and noble, to him. This worked, yes.
Through propaganda and treachery he
Won hearts and minds, and opened the gates
Of fairest Milan to ancestral foes.

But to devious Alonso's future
Chagrin, loyal Gonzalo did secret
A rude boat to carry my daughter and
I to the safety of this secret isle.

Here I have released the sprite Ariel
From the prison of its hoary old Oak.
The spawn of Sycorax, Caliban, is
My servant upon this isle. Do you yet

Know me? Not Trystero I, nor a bound
Houdini (though my escapes are grand). The one
Whose aid you seek is Prospero, And if
As you seek, you find, reply: Are you with me?

So there is your host. Now what for you? What
Deeds and schemes might from safe harbors draw you
In such a storm as the one we have this
day? Now let me see. Ah! And so it is:

You have reasons three. First to honor the
Gods, as noble a reason as any.
Second, to mark winter's passage to spring.
Third, a working for which tis I you call.

Manannan MacLir is he you will see
Around here. Noble prankster! Fine foster sire!
Lord of the Isle of Man and ruler of
The North waves and seas: He who guides sailors

Into port, and leads the dead to their place
In the sun! Manannan of Tuatha
Is the one worth braving the storm to praise!
If you should agree, reply: Are you with me?

Now each year, at this time, when our Lady
Persephone climbs from her darkling vault
And Mother Demeter raises her cowl
From the frozen earth, allowing once more

The trees to burst into leaf and the grass
To raise its verdant crown to heaven, you
Venture down to the sea to seek blessings.
Why? The ocean is a pit of corruption.

Metal left at its edge rusts to rot in
A time not measured in years. Wood is gnaw'd
And clawed by both critters and salt. Drinking
Its waters spells doom for the thirsty man.

Yet did we not--as baser beasts--crawl out
From the muck here in our species' birth? Do
We not set out upon it on the quest
For vittles to fill our hungry frames? Yes.

Yet the arms of the storm reach out and claw
Down the very boats which set out to wrest
Fish from its icy grip, reach out and smash
The cities where these fishermen dwell. Yet,

From this storm, which unleashes such vi'lence
Upon the sea, other gentler rains are born,
showers that fall upon your homes and lands,
And cause the buds of yonder flowers to fill

And burst as the season of spring doth reach
Its peak. Should this storm be not born neither would
Blossom the posies of thy tables, nor
The wheat in thine fields. A spring lacking such

Tempests would no spring rightly be A'tall.
Ee'n the wind, which tears down tree and branch, doth
Allow light to reach the new growth. So then,
In praise of stormy seas: Are you with me?

And last, then, you set out to where the storms
Are born, here to the violent nursery
Seeking to use what you find to help bless
The well - feeding the source of all waters

With the source of all storms. And - yes - I see
There will be a blessing of the tools also,
Filling implements of creation with
Strength from the Cradle of Storms. A nervy

Trip, yet one worth the risk. For could the fire
Not burn us as we draw strength from it? Could
the earth not slide and shake beneath us as
We take food from it? Uncertainty rules,

Yet you reach out and Grasp it with both hands.
Good! With great risks come rewards, and the Gods
Smile brightly on those with gusto. So then:
For blessings sought bravely: Are you with me?

Then - and picture as thy will, for in this
I require help: I feel Land beneath
me! I see stormy Sea before me! I
feel Sky above me! Let this land be a
Gate! Let this Sea be a Gate! Let this Sky
be a Gate! And let the Gates be open!

Outsiders – Ed (Pat)
"Pity poor Caliban.
This island’s mine, which he took from me.
When they first came, he stroked me and made much of me,
taught me how to name the sun and moon,
and then I loved him,
and I showed him all the qualities of the island:
the fresh springs, brine pits, the barren places and the fertile.
Cursed be that I did so!
For now I am all the subject that he has.
I, who was my own king,
I am chained to this hard reservation
and kept from the rest of the island.
Titans, Giants, Fomori,
Gunga Din and Tonto,
Picts and ragged Celts too;
sometimes the outsiders are only the ones who were here first.

Master? Please pour a cup of water for your servant?
(Goes to the boundary woods to pour offering, shouts:)
You taught me your language,
and MY only profit from it
is I know how to curse!
Outsiders, please accept our offering."

Muse – Kerry
Ariel (sarcastic):
All hail, great master! Grave sir, hail!
I come to answer thy best pleasure.
Whether to fly, to swim, to dive into the fire,
to ride on the curled clouds
Comes Ariel in all his quality.

Welcome, Ariel, spirit fair.
Now that you are in my hair
If you would be so kind
To fill these people's minds
With grandeur and inspire
so one day you may retire

Think no more on it, sir,
For these potent rhymes I'll lure
From these base-line empty heads
snatches of songs and dreaming's shreds
They will praise you well and long
And fortify your ego strong

My Ariel, dear, that is thy charge.
Then to the winds be free
and stay you at large.

(Ariel's 1st lines: Almost totally Shakespeare
Man, Ariel: by Hillary
Manannan's last lines: mixed Shakespeare and Hillary)

Ancestors – (open)

Nature Spirits
– Monika

God/desses (open)

Main Invocation
Sea movement and storm sounds build
Manannan enters through the sea
storms sounds reach crescendo


"What are you trying to find?
I don't care. I'm not kind.
I have bludgeoned your sailors.
I have spat out their keepsakes."

"I have bedimmed The noontide sun,
called forth the mutinous winds,
And 'twixt the green sea and the azured vault
Set roaring war; to the dread rattling thunder
Have I given fire, and rifted Jove's stout oak
With his own bolt; the strong-based promontory
I Have made shake, and by the roots plucked up
The pine and cedar; graves at my command
Have waked their sleepers, opened, and let them forth.
Be so my potent art."
( First lines: from "The Ocean" by Dar Williams Second lines: Shakespeare)

Come and speak

Also bring up water and put into the well
Well blessing – Prospero and Manannan – gather energy of group and focus it into the well, into the ground, into the ocean – all water remembers the ocean, and all water longs to return

Omen (3 open seer-suckers)
Monika fiddles
Crane bag with ogham

Pour and pass out waters
Monika fiddles
3 pourers
3 passers-out

REAL catechisms

Tool blessing – Prospero
Jen leads Manannan song and waves
Prospero moves – use WELL energy, not ALEX energy!

Thanks yous and close the gates