The Bear Ritual was attended by 12 people (six GOG people and six guests).

Here's the script, by Nayla and Steve:

Grove of the Other Gods, Ár nDraíocht Féin
Bear Ritual MetaPrompter Outline
3 strikes of the drum.
“We Are Here to honor the Gods, Old ones who give life to all that is, give to us Your presence.”
Earth Mother Invocation
Artio, cleanse our minds and hearts and prepare us for the work we do.
Statement of Purpose
We have come here to honor our fallen Grandfather and see him off to the Invisible World in the expectation of his return next winter...
I took off here for a minute or two, I had chills speaking about a sort of spiritual civic duty and becoming aware of the breaking down of the cycle of life and death that this dusty old ritual is meant to address when it bids the bear to return.
Totally ad libbed and barely worked for me, but everyone reported it was what they needed.
Welcome each aspect and place its physical representation on the altar. Green altar cloth for land, blue runner for sea, and light candles on side altars for sky.
Hillary performed this while Steve set the altar.
Assemble the altar piece by piece, passing the pieces through everyone’s hands and continue with the welcoming theme.
Steve and I did this, the highlight of which was Steve's story about a Russian village that put down a very deep well only to have a presumed extinct animal emerge from it sometime later, indicating how literally a gate the well is.
Call to Mannanan/Opening of the Gates
Welcome Manannan to our wake. Come, open the gates for our Grandfather. Let the gates be opened!
Honor and acknowledge the Outsiders
This was brilliant, Carl donned Steve's childhood tie and addressed human progress, development, developers, and the corporate spirit. It was like he was flirting with the Outsiders. When he tore it off and bore it out as an offering, it felt like an exorcism of the workday from the room. I think he really, really needed that.
Invocation of a Muse (& Song)
Maria gave this invocation to Jambavantha.
Ancestors Invocation (& Song)
Alex made the point that bears and many animals likely don't recall their ancestors, but they do recall their last meal which in many ways is a direct ancestor. We invoked the spirits of the animals and plants we consumed which have become a literal part of us.
Nature Spirits & Spirits of Place Invocation (& Song)
Alex embodied the bear for a long ten minutes, patrolling the circle we sat in and looking each of us over. It was an intense interval. As Steve put it, he looked into Alex's eyes but didn't see Alex.
Goddesses and Gods Invocation (& Song)
Welcome Arthur, Artaios, Cernunnos, Artemis, Math, Andarta, Medved/Mishevi, Otso, Kim-un Kamui, Ursula, Jambavantha… the sleeping Gods… to our wake.
Invocation of Main Deity (& Song)
This was magic. A number of volunteers stood on either side of our kitchen pass through, the room was candle and string lit, most of the light flickering, and everyone not standing took up drumming, fluting, and even a singing bowl. The bear skull was removed from the reliquary and handed through the pass through in remembrance of the custom that the bear never be brought in the front door. He/she passed from hand to hand among everyone in the room before being laid on the altar. For a moment, we were in mythic space.
Welcome to our wake, Grandfather!
Welcome to our wake, Grandfather!
Welcome to our wake, Grandfather!
Main Sacrifice (if there is one)
Steve brought out the roast suckling pig and laid it on a bench before the altar spread with offerings, he addressed the bear directly in a traditional fashion, which is to explain that the bear was too strong for us to kill, he had to have seen our need and let himself die, that it was not a specific malicious act, but the culmination of thoughtless acts that is unchecked development, and so on.
Praise Offerings
One by one, everyone presented gifts and praise. Points that stand out include Steve and I sitting in the middle with Eli and helping her "sing" her favorite song "We're Going on a Bear Hunt," it may sound silly, but this connected. Everyone joined in, Eli was beside herself, and something happened that I can't put into words. At another time, Elissa (one of the non GOG attendees) stood and addressed the bear from her Cherokee background in the Coyote tribe. She sat and related a story of the bear from her tribe.
Omen Reading
We sprinkled tobacco on a drum head then Elissa, Maria, and Hillary drummed, watching the dance of the leaves. Everyone read their own personal omen, the group omen related by Hillary was a dancing bear that morphed through a number of animals, which was taken as a willingness to go to the Lord of the Forest now and eventually return.
Catechism of the Waters:
Bless and pass sacred drink of choice, to the beating of a drum.
Pour libation of the remainder to the bear.
Sending of the Bear
You have eaten many berries, you have caught many fish, you have frightened many people, your ancestors and your comrades have broken many men. Therefore you must die for it, but we have fed you a great feast, not stinting on the delicious [suckling pig], we have given you the best [honey wine], we have [sung you many songs]. We have honored you in our circle, and sheltered you in a nice warm lodging in the evening, we did not slay you, therefore you must not complain about us to the Great Lord of the Mountains. <<Adapted from the Gilyak.>> Grandfather, you were sent into the world for us to hunt, we revere you, please hear our prayer: We have nourished you and feted you with a great deal of care and trouble, all because we love you so much. Now [as you have no place to live], we have sent you to the Lord of the Forest, when you reach him, please speak well of us, and tell him how kind we have been. Please return to us and if you must die once more, we will feast you again! <<Adapted from the Ainu.>>
Our Grandfather has gone! Be well, Grandfather!
Be well, Arthur, Artaios, Cernunnos, Artemis, Math, Andarta, Medved/Mishevi, Otso, Kim-un Kamui, Ursula, Jambavantha… the sleeping Gods…
Be well, bears, foxes, Raritan…
Mi’walatl Grandmothers and Grandfathers!
Be well, Jambavantha!
Thank You Manannan
Our guest goes with you, Manannan, and we are grateful for him. Thank you. Let the gates be closed!
Thank the Earth Mother
To thee we return this portion of thy bounty, O our Mother, even as we must return to Thee.
Go forth from this ritual, secure in the knowledge that our offerings have found acceptance in the Bear’s sight, that he has gone with Mannanan in peace, and that we part ways as brothers (and sisters), not as mortal enemies.
Peace! Peace! Peace!