September 17th: GOG's Fall Equinox Ritual to Frigga
Hillary did a fine job leading our Fall Equinox Ritual, which honored the Norse Goddess FRIGGA, Beloved All-Mother, Spinner of Fate., weaver, creator, comforter, quiet power behind the throne of Odin. The ritual was powerful and just a little scary at times. 21 people participated. Laura started us with a chime, and Deb Sandrock and Norma started a soft motherly heartbeat drum rhythm that continued through the ritual. Sharon invoked Frigga as Earth Mother with a great call-and-response invocation, Norma led a quiet meditation on our own harvests. Nora invoked the directions and center pointing out craft stores and furniture stores along the way and always returning to the center. Ed invoked the well of Wyrd as that which all things collapse into, and that which spins all things out. Norma channeled Jenniforensic and invoked fire. Carol gave us our World Tree, reminding us that it's a living thing, breathing, taking in water and light. Deb Sandrock led us up to Heimdal's demense and then asked the Norse guardian to open the gates. The gates were opened. Patty invoked Thor and acknowledged the outsiders and escorted them outside. Our bard, Jenne, then invoked Saga with a beautiful song, as many of us chimed in, and asked Her to lend us eloquence. Misha gave us our ancestors, bringing us all the way back to the beginnings of humanity, where only the ones who cooperated survived, or only the ones who were selfish enough to kill off the others. Mike brought our Nature Spirits in all around us. Marc invoked Goddesses and Gods, and talked about how the Gods we know are only the ones that our ancestors told stories about. And the ones that they forgot are unknown to us. Then Hillary invoked the star of the evening, Frigga, and also Her handmaidens. She told us how Frigga is as powerful as Odin, only quieter, and how she knows all, but won't tell, as She is the weaver of all. There was a good bit of heartfelt praise, songs, poems, objects, flowers, fruit.... We drum and sang for a main sacrifice. Our omens were from the Robin Wood Tarot, as interpreted by our seer-suckers Nora, Sam, and Kristen: we received the two of swords- Frigga is well pleased, the ritual was properly performed; the page of wands- good things coming to us, bright and shiny things; and the 8 of wands- journeys, going places. The omens were deemed good, and the waters of life consecrated and passed out. After the ritual we feasted, and Norma weaved hair braids and Hillary taught us how to weave friendship bracelets for Frigga.