Kristen's Quotes from the 2007 GOG Imbolc Rite to Brigantia

...This was a really amazing rit. For me, at least. I was absolutely surprised by that. But the tribe theme for GoG right now felt really right to me.... Things I really loved that are badly or not represented in the quotes were the meditation and Mgg's Nature Spirits. Also, Ed pretending to kick the Outsiders in the butt. --Kristen

Pre-Rit (Betty and Ed)

"Brigantia [...] Brigid with a stiff upper lip." (An)

"Invoke from the heart, you know?" (Ed)

"I better take my purse then." (Hll, re: going to the bar instead of back to the rit after invoking Outsiders)
"Unless the Outsiders are buying." (?)
"Yeah, the Outsiders don't tend to buy." (slightly paraphased, Ed)
"But if you find a $20 bill on the sidewalk, you'll know what to do."(Padraig)

"Anyone on good terms with their gods and goddesses?" (Ed)

"Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!" (The crowd goes wild)
Carol, who just entered, looks very perplexed.
"The last 2 people through the door have been Chuck." (They were greeted with the same enthusiasm.)

Ed drums, trying to get the group's attention.
Norma heckles from the kitchen. "Like herding ferrets, isn't it?"

Ritual (Druid-in-Charge- Betty)

Chimes- Bob

Earth Mother- Cecily

"Faith is what you do between the times you see God."
"But still, like air, I rise."
"I rise, I rise. -We- rise."
Cec, quoting Maya Angelou.

Meditation- Ed

"In the past month, Grove has been through a lot of shit [...] and we've come together like never before." (Ed)
"We have the strength and courage to do anything, including terrify the neighbors."

Horizontal Directions- Norma

"Aw, so you're playing at Kelts, with your itty bitty Brigand tribe markings. Isn't that cute? You're so...fucked. Surrounded by other tribes who may not like you so well."
This is an old school directions. I haven't heard this one in 20 years. That way - the tribe of the Falias..." (Nm)
"And here, in the center, is our little tribe of Brigands. Makes the world seem awfully big and scary, doesn't it?
But we have us - and that's better than a lot of people. We have ourselves, and we have each other." (Nm)

Well- invocation Nick

Fire - invocation Padraig

"A brigand takes what he needs."
"Yours are the campfires [...] Yours are the victory fires."
(whispered) "The funeral pyres." (Nr)

The Tree- invocation Mike

"The tree will be our home - and our connection, between life, death...and the gods."

First Brigantia invocation- as Gatekeeper-Trish

"We just take, and we fight the fights we need to fight." (Trish)
"No. You are a warrior first for yourself, then for other people." (Trish)

Gate Opening- Trish

Outsiders - offering by Hillary

"Why should we let -you- inside?"
"If it stops being good for you, you have the freedom to seek another tribe."
"It's good to step outside so you can see what's so good about being insider or if it's so great at all."

Second Brigantia invocation- as Muse- Annie

"If you want this fire inside your head, you have to strike the match yourself." (Annie)

Ancestors- invocation Maria

"Those who we can't remember their names." (Marc)

Nature Spirits- invocation Mgg

"Call in your nature spirits, the pieces of the land you know." (Mgg)

Goddesses and Gods- invocation Dani

"Aphrodite's been really good to me." (Padraig)
"Well, she -has-." (Padraig)

Main Brigantia Invocations- Nora, Betty, Ed

"Fighting for what we need [...] asking for what we need, if we have to."
"I tell you that you -are- [Kelts], exactly to the degree that you choose to be."
"Look at your hands. Are they broken? Are you using them? You know the answer."
"We don't have the luxury of sitting around, saying, 'I don't have orders for that.' "
"Some of [the battles] will be unwinnable in the end, and we go bravely in, because are there, and it needs to be fought."
"If you have not guarded yourself, then your tribe will fall. You will not be there for your tribe." (Nr)

Praise- lots of people

"Dream the impossible. Fight the unbeatable foe. Bear the unbearable sorrow. ..but tilting at windmills is -such- a bad idea." (Cec)

"I had a dream last night that I owed $25 million to a tree full of fruit bats." (Xuk)

"Be the phoenix, and not the poor piece of wood." (?)

"[Brigid] kindof midwifes us in [to Paganism]." (Ed)

"I also had a dream-"
"Did it involve fruit bats?"

"We all, I think, have stories about our gods that we don't tell other people." (Nr)

"For 24 hours, she helped me feel like a force of nature again." (Nr)

Omen- Maggie, Tricia, Cicely, Kerry, and Peg (through Chuck): "Honor, strength, and unity."

Pourers and Passers: Chuck, Annie, Karl, Kerry, Bob, Marc

Bard: Jenniforensics

Willows: Norma and Marc

Kitchen Witches: Bob and Norma