"The Passion of Llew and Blodeuedd: a Marriage, a Death, and a Resurrection."

Written mostly by Patty K. and Lauren A., with help from Nora T., Jenniforensic, Nej, Ed and Norma.

Grove of the Other Gods, ADF, August 2004. 31 participants.

(NOTE: This is a rough script. GOG prefers extemporaneous invocation and improvisation, and we have a crew that expects that, and is very good at it. See "Random Quotes" by Kristen to get an idea of how it all turned out.)


Photos here!

Kristen's quotes from the ritual here!


Preritual preamble and backround (by Ed):

It all goes back to Math, a king of North Wales. Math needed to rest his feet in the lap of a virgin- sort-of symbolic of the land itself- and that gave Math his strength.

Well, Gwydion's friend, Gilveathy, loved Goewin, who was Math's virgin footstool. Gwydion conjures a war to separate Math and Goewin, and Gilveathy rapes Goewin. Math punishes Gilveathy and Gwydion in a most appropriate way- he turns them into stag and hind for a year, and they have to return with a faun. Then swine the next year, and they have to return with piglets. Then stag and hind again....

Meanwhile, at the castle, Math is auditioning for another virgin. Aranrhod, a Goddess, tries out for the part, but as she walks over Math's staff (interesting, no?) two children drop out. One is Dylan, and he disappears into the sea. The other one is Llew. Aranrhod is understandably pissed, her reputation is shot, and so she curses Llew that he can't ever have a name until she gives him one, can't have weapons unless she wills it, and can't ever have a human wife.

Gwydion eventually tricks Aranrhod into giving Llew a name and weapons, but there ain't no way he's going to get a wife.

Llew is understandably upset about this, and complains to Gwydion, who talks to Math, and they get together and conjure a woman out of flowers for Llew. (Oak, broom, and meadowsweet, for those who want to try this at home.)

They name their creation Blodeuedd, flower-face, and Llew marries Blodeuedd, the girl made of flowers. Listen closely to the marriage vows- the whole story is in there, really- Nora did a brilliant job with those.

Llew doesn't like to be tied down, and while he's away one day Blodeuedd sees a sexy hunter in the forest and decides to have some fun. She and Gronwy fall in love- and they plot to kill Llew. Of course, Llew , being supernatural, can't be killed in any ordinary way, and Blodeuedd has to find out how to do it, and contrive to get him in that position.

Once he's killed, Llew turns into an eagle and Gwydion has to find him and bring him back to life.

Our story starts at the wedding. We will be weaving the story throughout the ritual.

Clear opening: three chimes on crystal bell (Carol)

Statement of purpose:
"We are here to honor the Gods, High Ones, givers of life, hear us and answer us. Old Ones who give life to all, give us your presence." (Ed)

Earth Mother honoring and invocation (Dragynphyre of Midnight Sun Grove, ADF)

Meditation (Lady Sue- HP of Portal of the Porcupine)


Director (Nej, as Math): "Scene 1, The Handfasting, Take 1"

Math (Nej) joins Gwydion (Jenniforensic) & Blodeuedd (Lauren A.) standing in the front hall.

Narrator (Ed): "Welcome to As The Wheel Turns. In our last episode, Llew got his name and armor, and we saw how Gwydion and Math created Blodeuedd out of flowers as a wife for Llew."

Cue psaltry music (Our bard- Jenne)

Service starts-

Math, Gwydion & Blodeuedd begin the wedding procession. Llew (Patty) is already in front of the Bile with Brigid (Nora).

Brigid: "Dearly beloved we are gathered here to celebrate the union of Blodeuedd of the Flowers and Llew of the Many Skills… and the myths that each year we cannot escape..." (To be further elaborated and read from a journal/book)

Blodeuedd: "From the day I was created I have known that the nectar of my sweetness was fated only for you. I offer you this blossom, my husband, the only destiny I have ever known" (Give Llew the flower)
Llew: "From the day I was born, I have known that no mortal maiden could warm my bed and share my path. I offer you this wing feather, my bride, the only partner that I could ever choose." (Give Blodeuedd the feather)
Nora: "Blodeuedd, do you promise to love, cherish, and trust (emphasize the word trust) Llew as long as you both shall live."
Blodeuedd: (::Hesitates:
Gwydion: (Poke Blodeuedd)
Blodeuedd: "I do" (forced out)
Nora: "Llew, do you promise to love, cherish, and trust (emphasize the word trust) Blodeuedd as long as you both shall live."
Math: (Poke Llew)
Llew: "I do" (forced out)

Nora: "By reason of reinforcing the ancient tales that make our seasons turn and by the power vested in me from the myths contained in the Mabinogi, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may now kiss the bride."

(Llew and Blodeuedd kiss)

[CUE CARD: Applause]

Narrator: "And now a word from our sponsors."
Director: "Cut to commercial"

COMMERCIAL 1: Llew's Party Service (Chuck and Peg)

Announcer type: "Are your parties always lame?"
Poor guy: (nods head) "Yeah."
Announcer type: "And boring?"
Poor guy: (nods head) "Yeah."
Announcer type: "Do you feel like the only Druid on the block who hasn’t drawn down Llew at a party?"
Poor guy: (nods head) "Yeah."
Announcer type: "You no longer need to worry about your social disgraces.
How, you ask? With the help of 1-800-frat boy… We’ll personally have Llew make your party an instant hit! All you have to do is supply the beer."
Announcer type: "Warning: Llew’s Party Service is not responsible for your actions while under the influence…."

Well (Maggie) (Response for all offerings: "Accept our offering")

Fire (Hillary)

Tree (Sandrock)

Gwydion opens the Gates (Jenniforensic)


Director: "Scene 2, The Betrayal, Take 1."

Narrator: "A few months have passed since we last saw our loving couple and the marriage isn’t going well."

(Llew is searching for his staff in the background & muttering, “Where did I put that staff?”)

Blodeuedd: (with the staff behind her back) “You don’t think you’re going to leave me alone again, do you?”
Llew: "Math asked me to go see him."
Blodeuedd: "You're cheating on me, aren't you? Is it Kali? Is it that hussy Brigid?"
Llew: No! Leave me alone!"
Blodeuedd: "How long will you be gone this time?"
Llew: "GAAH WOMAN! I’ll only be gone a few days!"
Llew grabs the staff and storms out.


Narrator: "Later that day, Blodeuedd saw a group of hunters near the castle."
Blodeuedd: "That jerk is always going off to parties and leaving me home. Screw him! I’m going to have one of my own!"
She looks out towards the kitchen or wherever Gronwy is and gestures for him to come over.
Blodeuedd: "Hey you! You’re cute. Want to come to a little party?"
Gronwy (Norma): "Who me? …" (addressing the Grove) "Shit, she’s hot!" (or something along those lines).

Narrator: "The party has been going on all night."
(Blodeuedd and Gronwyy circle around)
Gronwy: "It’s near morning, I really must be going."
Blodeuedd: "Aww, come on. The party’s just getting good. Please stay, just one more night."
Gronwy: "Ok, fine. One more night."
(Blodeuedd and Gronwy circle around again)

Narrator: "The next morning"
Gronwy: "It’s been great, but I really must get going."
Blodeuedd: "Aww, come on. The party’s just getting good. We’ve got plenty of mead left over from last night. Please stay, just one more night."
Gronwy: "Ok, fine. One more night."
(Blodeuedd and Gronwy circle around again)

Narrator: "The party has been going on for 3 days, and Blodeuedd has fallen madly in love with Gronwy."
Gronwy: "We can’t keep this up, your husband is going to come home soon."
Blodeuedd: "I know, but what should we do?"
Gronwy: "Well, if you tell me how he can be killed I’ll take care of the rest."
Blodeuedd: "Ok … I guess."
Director: "Cut"

Outsiders Offering (Jeff)

COMMERCIAL 2: CUT-RATE INSPIRATION IN A BOX (written by Nora, performed by Jenne and Daphne)
(Text of commercial script lost post-ritual. The title gets the idea across, though.)

Brigid invocation as muse and inspiration: “There isn’t enough NO in the world…” (Nora)
Song: Fire us up! (led by Norma)

Ancestors (Deb)
Song: Grandmothers, Grandfathers (led by Jenne)

Nature Spirits (Josh)
Song: Fur and Feather (led by Jenne)

Goddesses & Gods (Betty)
Song: Hail All the Gods (led by Jenne)

Director: "Ok, everyone outside!"
(Audience and cast move "on location" in the backyard.)


(Once everyone is outside and in position)
Director: "Scene 3, The Death, Take 1"

(Props needed: spear, human goat & kiddy pool)

Narrator: "A year and a day have passed since we left our story. Blodeuedd has told Gronwy the only way to kill Llew is to stab Llew with a spear that was worked on over the course of a year and a day, but only on Sundays . On top of that, when Llew is struck he must have one foot on the side of a tub and the other on a goat. How will Blodeuedd get him to do this?"

Blodeuedd: "….I was wondering ...if you would mind calming my nerves."
Llew: "Not again! What will it take for you to stop nagging about something happening to me?"
Blodeuedd: "But I still don’t get it, if you could just show me… honeybunch...."
Llew: "Fine."

Director: "CUT! Where’s the goat? You! Get over here!" (grabs the "goat" (turned out to be Jeff), points to where he is supposed to kneel down, and throws a goatlike rug over his back.)

Director: "Scene 3: The Death. Take 2"
(Llew goes over to the bath area under the grape arbor, puts one foot in the tub & puts his other foot on a human goat, all to calm Blodeuedd's nerves. )
Llew: "There. Are you hap- "
(Gronwy sneaks up and stabs Llew mid-sentence.)


Director: "Cut to commercial."

COMMERCIAL 3: GATEKEEPERS LOCAL 404 (written by Nej and Jenniforensic, performed by Bill)
::grim, low announcer voice::
"For years, you've trusted them to give you what you need. And they've
delivered. Opening, closing and maintaining doorways isn't easy, no
matter what pantheon you're working in. The hours are long, the gates
can be heavy, and, all too often, Gatekeepers go unrecognized for all they do."
::dramatic pause::
"These unsung heroes of ritual don't ask for much -- sometimes, a
simple 'thank you,' from the heart, would suffice. The Gates between the
Worlds can be kept well oiled with just a little bit of gratitude and
::dramatic pause::
"So don't forget to thank your friendly neighborhood Gatekeeper today ...
you'll be happy you did, and so will they."
::speed it up just a little::
"A message brought to you by the Gatekeepers' Local 404: Liminal Deities
for a Better Today, Tomorrow, and Yesterday -- Right Here, and Over There."


(Props needed: Llew puppet, tree, stepladder behind the bench,
gummy bugs)

Director: "Scene 4:The Rebirth. Take 1."
Narrator: "When we last left our love triangle- Llew had been stabbed by a spear, after which he immediately turned into an Eagle and flew off. His uncle Gwydion found out what had happened and began searching for Llew."

Llew is now an eagle (puppet) hiding in the tree. Gwydion comes through the crowd looking for Llew.

Gwydion: "Where did Llew go off to? Gah, my legs are killing me." (Sits down at the bench to rest).
Llew: (Starts pelting Gwydion with gummy bugs)
Gwydion: (Picks a gummy up and eats it) Ad-libbed: “Flesh the other white meat… Maggots… Yummy...”
(Gwydion looks up and notices Llew hiding in the tree, and starts sweet-talking him out of the tree)

Gwydion: "Here Llew…come on down…" (bird call/whistle, gets the audience involved, etc…)
Llew: "Nuh uh" (Llew eventually comes down)

[ CUE CARD: Applause ]

Gwydion magically transforms the eagle back into Llew (a.k.a. Llew comes out from behind tree & loses the puppet.)

Llew: (pat down boobs, looks startled at boobs, mutters): "I think you need a little more practice." (Grabs a gummy) "Hey that’s mine!" (Puts in a pocket.)

Director: CUT!

Llew INVOCATION: The turning year, harvest, Llew dies for us.... (offering for Llew)

Everyone else back inside. Jenniforensic & Nora keep Llew outside during Blodeuedd’s invocation.

(As people are getting settled):
COMMERCIAL 4: Blodeuedd’s Flower Shop (written by Norma, read by Jeff)
Announcer type:
"Need flowers for that special someone?
Who better to go to than Blodeuedd? After all, she was made from flowers. Blodeuedd’s flower shop specializes in all type of flowers, floral arrangements, and magical flower workings. We can provide beautiful live flowers for all of your special occasions. And when we say our flowers are live you’d better believe we really mean it!
We specialize in wedding and funeral arrangements. Especially funerals. And be sure to ask about our pre-need specials. It’s never too early to plan for someone’s funeral, you know.
So call 1-800-2-SLAY-IT for all of your floral needs today.
Remember you can always slay it with flowers!"

Blodeuedd’s invocation: forgotten goddess... betrayed herself, lack of choice.... (offering for Blodeuedd)

Director: "Where is Llew? Somebody get that guy. We aren’t paying him to be playing with groupies in his trailer."
(Llew rejoins the party)

Praise- ("Praise for Blodeuedd, Llew, the Kindreds, the season... the bread man will be offered to the fire later....") (Main sacrifice: ear of corn cut with sickle. "Our praise goes up to thee.... ")

Omen: (Patty's new Llew cards. Readers: Peg, Betty and Hillary and Patty. Change takes time... Right here, right now... Unpredictable changes on the horizon... Clarifier: Sunflower.) (Sunflower particularly noted, as the bile was decorated in sunflowers for this ritual.)

Waters of life: (Full RDNA - ADF catechism of the waters. Pourers: Daphne, Elennion, and Carol. Passers-out: Chuck, Lauren Z., Betty.)

Director: "That’s a wrap. Roll the credits."

Narrator: "This episode of 'As the Wheel Turns' was brought to you thanks to the aid of the earth mother, Brigid, the ancestors, nature spirits, and many other Gods and Goddesses."

Thanks to Blodeuedd, Llew, Brigid, Math, Gronwy, the Goddesses, Gods, Kindreds, Earth Mother, and those assembled...

Thank Gwydion and ask him to close the gates...

End rite

Llew: "If you’re here for the groom, the wake is out back."
Blodeuedd: "If you’re here for the bride the wedding reception’s inside."

Narrator: "This rite has ended."

Photos here!
(Wedding photos, the story from Llew's point of view, the story from Blodeuedd's point of view, Kristen's quotes from the ritual day, and Patty's digital Llew tarot divination.)