(A brief and very basic outline of the ADF Core Order of Ritual as practiced by Grove of the Other Gods, Ár nDraíocht Féin.)

Start- (preparation)

3 Cleansing Chimes

"We Are Here to honor the Gods,
Old ones who give life to all that is, please give to us Your presence."

Earth Mother Invocation
Statement of Purpose
Horizontal Directions

(Gate Opening)
Well Invocation
Fire Invocation
Tree Invocation
Invocation of a Gatekeeper
Open the Gates
"Let The Gates Be Open!"

Acknowledgment and offering to the Outsiders

Invocation of a Muse (& Song)

(Honoring and Invoking Our Kindreds)
Ancestors Invocation (& Song)
Nature Spirits & Spirits of Place Invocation (& Song)
Goddesses and Gods Invocation (& Song)

Invocation of Main Deity(ies) (& Song)

(Our Offerings to Our Main Deity(ies) and Kindreds, or the Season Itself)
Praise Offerings
Main Sacrifice (if there is one)

(Our Deity(ies) and Kindreds answer us and return blessings to us)
Omen Reading
Catechism of the Waters of Life
Bless and Pass Waters
"Behold! The Waters of Life!"

(If there's going to be a Magickal Working, it usually goes here)

(We thank our Deity(ies) and Kindreds and end the Rite)
Thank Yous:
Main Deity(ies)
Goddesses and Gods, 
Nature Spirits
Earth Mother
Thank You Gatekeeper

Ask GATEKEEPER to please close Gates

"This Rite is ended."

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