Here's a copy of the "Ganesha Walks Around the World" script for the Yule play.
Tricia wrote it with the thought that we could all read it through and get the general idea of the play and then throw the scripts away and ad lib at the actual performance.
The costumes are lengths of material (mostly sari material) that can be wrapped in a number of ways.
The play will happen at the beginning of the Praise Offerings (as GOG ritual plays usually do) and end with Ganesha meeting his wives before the rest of the Praise Offerings are given. After all Praise is done, the final bit of the play with Kartekeya returning and the final big dance number happens as the final praise.
So be prepared to dance around the living room a lot and act silly - just like the usual GOG ritual....

Ganesha Bollywood-style Script for Yule
by Tricia
(revised 12/10/2007)

Ganesha: Pat
Kartikeya: Patty
Shiva: Alex
Parvati: Blue
Riddhi: Maria
Siddhi: Deb
scene changer: Bob
DJ: Tricia
DIC: Norma

(DJ starts music)
*Monsoon Wedding processional (track 1)*

(scene changer walks through with sign that reads)
Scene I: Opening Scene

(Ganesha and Kartikeya are preening in front of a "mirror," checking out their muscles, "trying" on new clothes, etc.)
(Shiva and Parvati enter)
(music fades)
"Hey Mom. I was thinking - I want to get married."
"Hey wait a minute, I'm the oldest, I should be getting married first!"
"Notice he only asks after I do? What's the matter brother? Can't stand the fact that I might get to be first? Who says you're older anyway? 'Sides, I asked, so I should go first."
(Ganesha starts humming/singing "going to the chapel and I'm gonna get married")
(Kartikeya walks over to the DJ and cues)
*I'm Too Sexy*
(Shiva and Parvati roll their eyes at each other and shrug)
Shiva sings (or Shiva and Parvati sing):
"Kids! I don't know what's wrong with these kids today!
Kids! Who can understand anything they say!
(Ganesha and Kartikeya start bickering, insulting each other, extolling why they're the better one to be married. )
(Shiva claps his hands together for silence.)
"Very well. Your mother and I are loathe to pick one of you over the other as we love you both. And it's obvious that left alone, you will not settle this disagreement."
(Ganesha and Kartikeya give each other dirty looks, each accusing the other of not bending on this.)
"Let us do one thing: whoever can travel around the world and come back first will be married first."
Ganesha Kartikeya together:

(scene changer walks through with a sign that reads)
Scene II: Preparations for a Journey

(Kartikeya is preparing with his peacock, "loading" supplies for the long journey. )
(props needed: balloon peacock, travel bag)
(DJ cues song)
*Ain't No Mountain High Enough*
(Ganesha enters Kartikeya's room.)
"Well, brother, may the best man win" (and then coughing into his hand) "ME!"
"You? Your trunk's not even packed yet! I'll be so far ahead of you by the time you even step foot out of the house!"
"Sure, bro, exactly" (condescendingly, pats his brother on the back.)
"See ya! And don't let the door hit you on the way out!"
(Ganesha watches Kartekeya exit through living room front door)
(DJ cues song)
*Hit The Road, Jack*

(scene changer walks through with a sign that reads)
Scene III: Much later - in Ganesha's room

(Ganesha is laying down, relaxing in his room. iPod, flipping through a magazine, munching on something - the typical teenage "wasting time" activities.)
(props needed iPod, Ganesha comic book, copy of Vedas)
(DJ cues song)
*Time Is On My Side*
(Shiva enters)
"Son! It's been months since your brother has left to travel around the world. If you don't start soon, he will win."
(pause - Ganesha smiles, or shrugs)
"I know what you are thinking. As long as you can get married, it is enough. You no longer care who is first and who is second. That is why you are not in a rush. You have accepted your defeat."
(Ganesha just continues to smile, even bigger if possible, or gestures more broadly.)
"Dad, don't worry about it, I got it all in hand" (with typical teenage distain for the parents.)
(Shiva exits)
(Ganesha checks that Shiva is really gone)
"I am sure that by now my brother has travelled to the farthest lengths of the earth and is on his way home. Now is the time for me to act."
(DJ cues song)
*St. Elmos Fire*

(scene changer walks through with a sign that reads)
Scene IV: Ganesha walks around the world

(Ganesha takes a shower.)
(props needed: shower back brush, shower cap, rubber duckie)
(DJ cues song)
*Rubber Duckie*
(After showering, Ganesha puts away props)
"Mom! Dad! Could you come here for a minute?"
(Enter Shiva and Parvati)
Ganesha then circles around them 7 times, counting out loud each completed circle.
(while Ganesha is circling)
"Ganesha, what are you doing?"
Ganesha doesn't answer, continues to cicle.
"Ganesha, is this another one of your tricks?"
Ganesha doesn't answer. Finishes his circling.
"The shastras tell us that you are the Divine Mother and Father; you are the whole world, the entire universe. I went around you seven times. That means I have gone around the world seven times. So can I get married first?"
"What kind of teenage logic is this??!!"
(in a scholarly tone)
"If you do not consider yourselves to be the Divine Mother and Father, if you do not believe in the Vedas, then why do you tell people to honour the Vedas? You always say that the Vedas are correct and perfect. How can you justify yourself?"
(Shiva and Parvati sigh and look at each other as knowing parents. They have been beaten.)
"Yes, Ganesha, you are correct, you may marry first. Because you have shown such wisdom, we will find you two wives."
(enter Riddhi & Shiddhi)
"Here are your brides Riddhi and Siddhi, also known as Wealth and Fame. We hope you three are very happy together."
(DJ cues song)
*Going to the Chapel*
(Ganesha puts his arms around Riddhi & Siddhi)
(All bow and exit to the side of the room)

*****continue grove Praise offerings at this point until Praise is done*******

"Well, I guess that's all of the Praise Offerings for today"
(Kartikeya enters with his peacock, weary and out of breath)\
"I'm back. I've been all around the entire world!"
"Kartikeya! You're late! You've missed everything!"
"Late??!?!? Don't tell me my brother has already returned!"
"Yes, he is married, he has two wives and each of them has given him a son."
(Kartikeya starts to look confused or angry, then smiles and shrugs)
Kartikeya (faces the audience):
"Actually, it doesn't matter that much. I travelled all the way around the world, but I didn't find the true meaning of love until I spent a night in the Village.
(looking offstage out the door)
C'mon Bruce - let's go meet our new nephews."
(Kartikeya sings a few bars of "YMCA" and starts to exit)
(Entire cast returns to the stage)
(DJ cues music - louder than other songs)
*We Are Family*
(everyone dances together, get grove dancing)
(everyone takes a bow and the play is ended)


props needed:
balloon "peacock" (Alex)
travel bag (Ed)
iPod (Tricia)
Ganesha comic book (Norma)
copy of the Vedas (Norma)
shower back brush (Tricia)
shower cap (Norma)
rubber duckie (Norma)
scene title cards for Scenes i-IV (Bob)
Ganesha mask (Pat)
fabric costumes for all (Patty, Tricia)
money for Riddhi (Maria? Norma?)
star and dark glasses for Siddhi (Norma)

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