Ongoing and Upcoming:
Meditatateria: Open Every Other Frigga’s Day in New Brunswick. Next dates: Jan. 3, 2003, Jan. 17, Jan. 31, Feb. 14th, Feb. 28th... A meditation space will be available for silent meditation between 8 and 9pm for our Dedicants and anyone else who wishes to sit and meditate and maybe talk about it afterward over cookies and tea. Contact us for more info.
Our Druid Dedicants Group: Next meeting Jan. 25th, 3pm. A new Dedicant’s Group started this past Imbolc. Our first group is almost through ADF’s Dedicants Program. It’s been a lot of fun, revealing self-knowledge and knowledge of each other as well as Druid lore and techniques.
Imbolc Ritual: Ritual to our Muse, Patroness and Bright Goddess Brigid. Ritual led by Jenne, Betty, Jack and Ed. February 1st. Contact us for more info.
GOG ADF Druids visit Orange Unitarian Church: GOG has been invited to do a sermon/talk and such, Feb. 9th, 2003, 10am in Orange, NJ. The theme will be Brigid and myths and folk traditions associated with Imbolc. Contact us for more info.
UPCOMING BUT UNSCHEDULED: Apple Tree (and other fruit tree) Wassail; Spring Equinox Ritual; A Clay Venus-of-Willendorf making Workshop; A Ritual to Bless the Source of the Raritan River
SOME RECENT PAST EVENTS SINCE OUR LAST ISSUE: Feast of Manannan Mac Lir Jan. 4th 2003: Trip to the Jersey Shore to honor Manannan Mac Lir, gatekeeper, walker-between-the-worlds, and son of the sea. In addition, Deb led a traditional New Year’s offering to Yemaya in the afternoon. 9 attended. YULE Dec. 28th. 27 of us had a fun, raucous Yule. Good food and good company. We recreated the story of Demeter and the Baubo. Nov. 28 Interview about Winter Solstice traditions in holiday shopping section of regional paper Home New Tribune; Nov. 7 Drumming Workshop at Rutgers Pagan Students Association. Grove member Marcia (of Rhythm Monsters) led a great workshop, teaching some African drum-ming rhythms. Nov. 14 Dianic Worship Workshop at Rutgers Pagan Students Association Grove member Deb talked about Dianic covens and Dianic worship and answered questions. Our 13th SAMHAIN November 9-10 2002: Peg (the black part of Halloween) and Norma (the orange part) led a ritual honoring Jack O’ the Lantern and Will O’ the Wisp and their spooky outsider friends.... We had 41 attendees. 12 of us vigiled all night long. Nov. 1 Dumb Supper and Meditation; October 10 GOG Druid Wheel of the Year Lecture at Rutgers Pagan Students Association. See rough notes for the lecture online at our web site. Autumn Equinox Ritual September 14th: Nej and Jen drew down Maebd and Arwyn to lead us in a sparkly, jingly ritual in honor of the Fae. A clear, bright, scary and happy ritual between the seasons and between the worlds! Group Reiki Initiations Aug 27; visit from Wolf of 3 Songs Grove; Harvest Ritual! Sun’s Day August 18th: Deb & Josh led us in a Harvest-time Water Ritual in honor of the Goddesses Oshun and Yemaya. We danced and drummed and, two days later, the drought broke and it rained and the rain didn’t stop until the end of the week! Praise to the Sisters! August 1 NJ Pagan Picnic. We organized the children’s program, put on a puppet show, did face painting and henna, built a labyrinth and grove members led 3 workshops. We also had a number of Meditatateria nights and several Dedicants meetings and several ritual planning meetings, sent a liturgy report to Jenni Hunt and the Liturgists Guild, and finished layout for OL18. Whew!
Visit our website to see photos of the Pagan Picnic and Samhain and Yule or to e-mail us for current grove information, directions to rituals and to get on the grove’s announcements list! Thank You!