Grove of the Other Gods
Autumn Equinox/Mabon 2013: Order of Ritual

DOORS:         Open at 2:00p
During open period, we will encourage people to write a special memory they would like to honor or offer on joss paper and place it in the Memory box on the altar for burning after the ritual.
                        Pre-Ritual at 3:00p
                        Ritual at 4:00p

DIC:                          Cicely
Honored Deity: (Greek) Mnemosyne (neh-mas’-en-ay), Titan and Goddess of Memory

Processional.  Participants are encouraged to bring an object or physical representation important to them to present to Mnemosyne as they enter ritual space.  Marc/Hermes will be the door-keeper; Jen/Memory will receive each participant and speak something to them.  Participants may place object on altar table or keep with them at their discretion.
Music: “Avril 14th” by Aphex Twin (on CD – will just need to get put on the stereo on “repeat”)

Opening Remarks                                                              
We are here to honor the Gods.  Old Ones who give life to all that is, give to us Your presence ...

Earth Mother Invocation                    ED?  Kerry will back up if not
Working with Gaea is preferable for this, as She is the Mother of the Titans.  The idea I’d like to see happen is the establishment of Gaea as the physical basis for our lives, as Mnemosyne is the mental and emotional basis for our lives – that is, people and their personalities are shaped by their memories, so that is the mental and emotional basis upon which we live, whereas Gaea is the actual, touchable foundation upon which we live.

Statement of Purpose                  Cicely
This is Grove of the Other Gods’ 2013 Autumn Equinox celebration, in which we honor Mnemosyne, the Greek Goddess of Memory

Meditation                              Jenniforensic
Relaxation/centering/focus on memory.  Will probably include quote from Plato here:
“Please assume … that there is in our souls a block of wax, in one case larger, in another smaller, in one case the wax is purer, in another more impure and harder, in some cases softer, and in some of proper quality … Let us, then, say that this is the gift of Memory, the Mother of the Muses, and that whenever we wish to remember anything we see or hear or think of in our own minds, we hold this wax under the perceptions and thoughts and imprint them upon it, just as we make impressions from seal rings; and whatever is imprinted we remember and know as long as its image lasts, but whatever is rubbed out or cannot be imprinted we forget and do not know.”  (Socrates to Theaetelus, Plato, Theaetelus)

The Nine Muses, the Daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus over the course of nine nights
            Calliope (Epic Poetry)                                                                                                        
            Clio (History – piece from Herodotus)                                                                                       
            Erato (Love Poetry)                                                                                                                                    
            Euterpe (Music – drum)     (you’-ter-pee)                       Marc
            Melpomene (Tragedy – weeping)(mel-pom’-eh-nay)                                                                          
            Polyhymnia (Hymns – singing)                                        Kerry 
            Terpsichore (Dance – dance)(terp-sick’-oh-ree)            Tricia
            Thalia (Comedy – Ancient Greek joke)                            Adam
            Urania (Astronomy – star chart/scope)                           David            
This invocation will occur with each invoker standing and doing their thing at once.  It will be a blast of thought and action all at once.

Horizontal Directions                             Bob
This invocation will be memories of old rituals within Norma & Ed’s home, since everyone has been there.
                                                                                                                                                                       Vertical Directions
We are examining memory (well) and looking forward to how that shapes what’s to come (fire), and we are right in the middle of it (tree).                                                

Gates and Gatekeeper                            Marc             
            Hermes as follower of Mnemosyne and Walker between Worlds (travelers’ deity, messenger deity and psychopomp)
Outsiders                                                                            Malcolm
            For this ritual, the Outsiders are those memories that do not serve us well.             

The Kindred
Ancestors                                                Kerry                                     
Song:  Grandmother, Grandfather …     Kerry/All                  
Nature Spirits and Spirits of Place                                                                             
Song:  Fur and Feather                             Kerry/All
Gods and Goddesses                                                                     
Song: From Far Beyond …                      Kerry/All
Main Invocation                                                                Cicely/Jenniforensic
            DiC reads Orphic Hymn 77 to Mnemosyne:
            The Consort I invoke of Zeus divine;
            Source of the holy, sweetly-speaking Mousai [moo’-say] nine;
            free from the oblivion of the fallen mind,
            by whom the soul with intellect is joined.
            Reason’s increase and thought to Thee belong,
            All-Powerful, Pleasant, Vigilant, and Strong.
            ‘Tis Thine to waken from lethargic rest
            all thoughts deposited within the breast;
            and nought neglecting, rigorous to excite
            the mental eye from dark oblivion’s night.
            Come, Blessed Power, thy mystics’ memory wake to holy rites,
            and Lethe’s [lee’-thee’s] fetters break.

            During this reading, Jenniforensic lights 1 stick of Frankincense and draws down the Goddess
            The idea behind this is to honor Mnemosyne as the One who connects all of the things and people in our lives together and shapes us.  It was through the teaching of one person/several people who showed us how to use different objects and do different things (as “planted seeds”) and who we will honor when those seeds bear fruit at the Final Harvest.

Praise                                     Anyone who wishes

Pulling of random quotes from past rituals & ritual invites            Adam
                                                                                                 Malcolm (?)
                                                                                                Tricia (?)

Song:  Still under consideration, but poss. Autumn Time      Kerry 
Autumn Time
Dead leaves fall
While the weeping sky looks over all
Demeter sadly walks the land
The dying grasses in her hand                             

Waters of Life                                               Cicely                        
            Blessing and Catechism of the Waters
Spirits of old times and places, our elders, our ancestors,
            Share with us the bond of life on Earth
            Hallow these waters (whap the waters with the sickle)

            Spirits of nature, Spirits of this place, this land, our companions and teachers,
            Share with us the renewal of the Earth
            Hallow these waters (whap the waters)

            O Gods and Goddesses, fathers, mothers, great and shining ones,
            Share with us your power to renew the Earth
            Hallow these waters (whap the waters) 

            The old Gods and Goddesses have not returned; They have never left us.
            They are in the air we breathe, the water we drink,
            They are in our blood, in our bones,
            And every time we invoke them They grow stronger and more attentive
            to the needs of Their people.

Of what does the Earth Mother give that we may know of the continual renewal of life?
            (The waters of life)

            From whence do these Waters flow?
            (From the bosom of the Earth Mother, the everchanging All-Mother)

            And has She given forth of Her bounty?  (or, and has She provided for us?)
            (you betcha!)

            Then gimme them waters!
   Pass Waters
    Song:  99 Waters of Life on the Wall             Kerry/All

Formal Thank Yous                      Each Invoker

Closing the Gates                                         Marc
Please don’t forget to thank Hermes!

“This ritual is ended …”

Malcolm (if outsiders give him back)
Need one more person

Decoration for bile (including tulle, white embroidery floss)
Memory box
Mnemosyne candle
White candles
Autumn leaves decorations
Aphex Twin CD (Drukqs)
Joss paper (?)
Sickle (?)

White cloth for altar table

Norma & Ed
Altar table
Rug for under bile
Well bowl
Joss paper (?)
Dixie cups

All Participants
Object for presentation to Memory/to leave on altar, if so desired
(Encouraged) real live actual main-dish food, if possible