Trish's first ritual as Senior Druid! Despite a few roadblocks & two location changes, 8 druids came out to make offerings and return most of our well water* from the last year to our grove's patron and gatekeeper. Our usual spot out at Point Pleasant was still devastated from Hurricane Sandy, and then the grove we had intended to use was also blocked off but Bob played traffic guard and directed wayward druids to the correct location. The Raritan was absolutely beautiful. Traditional diner outing (if not the traditional diner) post ritual.

*The water that didn't get returned is used between the Feast of Manannan and the Spring Equinox ritual. Fresh water (well, fresh saltwater) is collected for the new year from beyond the 9th wave when we make our Spring Equinox beach run. The old water, new water and local water offerings from the grove are combined into the Offical Well Water for 2013 as part of the Spring Equinox ritual. Then we repeat the cycle all over again next November.