Mighty elephant, Lord Ganesh
Will often grant well-meant requests
Don’t pay in gold or liquor-neat
The way to him is through sweetmeats


If you want to throw a fete
Don’t forget the first real guest
At the crossroads does he stay
Papa Legba shows the way


If Halloween is pure delight
All laughter, costumes, pretty lights
If you never watch your back
Clearly, then, you don’t know Jack


Golden apples for the fairest
Never trust a gift from Eris
Wars and discord just for fun
Only Chaos ever won


Dionysus, Prince Twice-Born
Bids us raise our drinking horns
“In this season, don’t be harried
Be like me: Eat, drink, be merry!”


Glimpse a handsome crow in flight
Will he bring your death tonight?
Don’t be scared and don’t be whiny
Just come prepared with something shiny


Loki’s wolf-son ate Tyr’s hand
He’ll never be a Loki fan
Robin Goodfellow says to you:
It never happened but it’s true


Coyote laughs and hunts and leaps
Now he has a tasty sheep
Stretch in sun, all belly swollen
Everything tastes best when stolen


Tiger, Tiger, not so bright
Tricked off his testicles one night
I, Aunt Nancy, had the gall
Now I wear great Tiger’s balls!


Zippity-doo-da, zippity-zay!
Mercury rounds the sun in eighty days
Don’t blame him when your luck fades
He can’t help the retrograde

Mari Llew

Who comes to this trickster zoo?
Knock knock, it’s the Mari Llew!
“Hey you stupid, bloody Norse
Fuck you! from the zombie horse!”
At Yuletide!

1 - Ed and Norma's fridge for inspiration for a invocation:
"There are two things that are true, and they may be exactly the same thing: we die and we exceed limits." (Jan Fabre)

2 - Beer and Gatekeepers 404
"I need a can opener STAT!"

3 - This ritual is supported by:
The Floor.

4 - Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday!
Come join your fellow insane pagans on the beach before the crack of dawn!!

5 - New Brunswick Parking Authority -
put your two quarters in.

6 - Awful gift exchange,
sponsored by your family's outsiders.

7 - Nature Spirits Public Service Announcement:
Please do not disturb the squirrels while they are fucking. Thank you.

8 - Danger Kerry, Danger Kerry,
we're heading into the Loki-zone!

9 - The Chili today is sponsored by
Imodium AD: It's all behind you.

10 - Wisteria:
hiding the outsiders for your every ritual needs