Queen of the May:

She stood straight and tall and fair
when we found her—
so gaily we danced around her.

In bright colored ribbons we bound her,
and with flowers and wreaths
and garlands we crowned her.

All Hail the Queen of the May!
Bedecked like a rainbow
she chases the gray skies away!

May she shower us
with daisies and daffodils,
dandelions and jonquils,
forsythia and hyacinth,
tyme, oregano, basil and mint,
sweet corn, cucumbers and squash,
tomatoes, eggplant, asparagus,
crisp carrots, radishes and string beans,
green peppers and greener peas,
juicy watermelons, strawberries,
apples, pears, peaches, plums, cranberries,
cherries, grapes, figs— and fine clear summer days!

All Hail the Queen of the May!

Hip Hip Hooray!

—Edwin Chapman

—ART: Norma Hoffman