Where Virginia Kisses Tennessee

by Al Kapusinski (Our Wandering Druid) © 1998

They were kissing in the secret cave behind the waterfall
I saw them there while I was fishing on the river wall
Under that black water there were catfish one two three
They watched me while I watched Virginia kissing Tennessee

And I sing, like I always sing
The blue-jay sings, it’s all the same to me
Warbling a wistful whistle down the river road
Where Virginia Kisses Tennessee

She wore them Blue Ridge Mountains like a leafy crown of vines
She was sweet as fine brown sugar stirred in cherry wine
She was clothed in only rainbows that the waterfall set free
Where the river bends I saw Virginia kissing Tennessee

And we play, like we always play
With banjo and guitar in harmony
While bright fire-flies mate on the wing by moonlight
Where Virginia Kisses Tennessee

He was strong as mountain moonshine and his blue eyes knew no fear
When Freedom needed soldiers he was first to volunteer
Though once they’d fought like cousins, they’d made up for all to see
They’re “kissin’ cousins” now: Virginia’s kissing Tennessee

And I dream, like I always dream
Of a ring of standing stones in a lost valley
Where the clicking wheels of time cease endless rolling
Where Virginia Kisses Tennessee

They were kissing leaning inward, lips across the borderline
Never try to argue this sides yours ‘n that side’s mine
There’s room enough out here for any dance you’ll dance with me
We’ll dance a ring around Virginia kissing Tennessee

And I dance, like I always dance
A shuffling jig of mirth and memory
Like the barefoot witch-girls twirling on the green-leaf trail
Where Virginia Kisses Tennessee

They were up to more than kissing when I saw them both again
I thought I heard old Tennessee say, “What a state I’m in!”
They were rattling the back porch at the fiddlers jamboree
Skip to my Lou, My Dear, Virginia’s kissing Tennessee

And it rains, like it always rains
Let that warm spring rainfall baptize me
Waist-deep in the muddy creek I’m splashing like a child
Where Virginia Kisses Tennessee

And it shines, like it always shines
On the mountains with their mist and mystery
Oh the sweet delights I’ve known on this old earth’s green fields
Where Virginia Kisses Tennessee