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Joanne Siwak-Ward, a longtime friend of Grove of the Other Gods, passed away on March 3rd, 2007, after a heroic six-year battle with cancer. Joanne was active in the central NJ Pagan community for nearly twenty years, and we will miss her beautiful voice, her eloquent words, her common sense, her analytical skepticism, and her sense of humor. (And I imagine we will also miss her weatherworking.) You may have met her at GOG rituals, at the HOC Pagan Picnic, Pagan Pride Day, or at the Free Spirit Festival.

(obituary) (service and eulogies) (gravesite service)
( from Joanne's brother-in-law, Gary Ward)
(poem Ed read for Joanne)

Joanne was a devotee of Yemaya, the Santeria ocean Goddess. Deb made an offering in Joanne's name at the beach the Friday after the service. (Click here)

blessings and peace,
-norma and ed for GOG, ADF