My name is Edward Teach. Ye know me as Blackbeard. And ye all do know my name, don’t ye? It was in the 1700s that I ruled the Atlantic and even now me name still means piracy itself. I was the terror of your coastline, preying on any and all ships that came my way, flying the false flag of whatever country would make a ship trust me until me crew could get close enough to pounce.
Many’s the time I visited your fair state and some say I buried me treasure here. But folks say so much about me it’s hard to know what’s true. It’s true that I died in a pistol battle with the British dog Lieutenant Maynard in the waters off Ocracoke Island in North Carolina and it’s true that Maynard took my head and hung it from his ships mast as a warning to other pirates. Aye, me head comes right off even now - want to see? Just kidding.
But I do have a warning for ye all and a gift. The warning is this. You think playing pirate is all fun and games, don’t ye? Well ye children wouldn’t have wanted to meet me - not in a dark alley or on a ship that I had my eye on. We pirates were a heartless bunch and didn’t care a fig whether folks like you lived or died. You’re all much too nice for piracy and you live soft, easy lives, not like ours. You’d never have survived as a member of my crew. So don’t be thinking we’re all like that Johnny Depp fellow and don’t forget what monsters we really were. Don’t be so sure you want to be pirates.
Oh aye, and the gift. I almost forgot. Here’s an old map for ye. May ye find great treasure. And may ye be assured it won’t be MY treasure. I’ve hidden mine far better than this.
Yer lucky I’m dead or I’d rob you all right now. Ladies and gentlemen, Blackbeard bids ye a good day.