(Here is approximately what I wrote for the Kidd
Speech and as you figured, when I got up there I ad-libbed. Here is the original.)

Avast ye scurvy dogs! My sainted mother gave me the name of
William but the name that I became known for was Captain Kidd!
With a ship from the British I was a privateer and a pirate hunter
until I realized that there was more treasure to be made as a
pirate meself! However my mutinous crew had other ideas. I
narrowly escaped from those blaggarts and scallywags to a place
called Gardiners Island. Legend has it that I buried a lot of me
spoils there...believe what you will, I'll never tell!!!
Still, twas a glorious time, those years I spent sailing the seas in
search of treasure. Then in the year 1700, I dropped anchor in
Boston to see my "good" friend Lord Bellomont. he betrayed me
to the British and I was taken back to England to stand trial.
They found me guilty and sentenced me to hang. Thus my
career as a pirate came to a ignomious end. But while it
lasted it was a fine and exciting life and I had no regrets.