May 1st, 2012: May Day Dawn in Princeton

Morris Dancers, Molly Dancers, and Maypole Dancers do traditional dances to wake the earth in Princeton, NJ as the dawn mists cover the fields and the sun rises! Our Grove contributes to the Dawn festivities with a Hobby Horse frolic and a traditional May Song.

"A fun overnight vigil and May morning. When we got to the battlefield the rain was pouring and lightning flashing all around, but the Morris dancers moved the festivities indoors. We greeted the summer in a dry, warm meeting room with Morris dancers, an indoor maypole(!), and our own troop. Especially awesome jobs done by Jenniforensic as the group's lead and soloist; and to Kerry and David, our latest players of Happy Snappy and pirate teaser, respectively! The acoustics helped, but we definitely sounded pretty damned good, if I do say so myself. And then it was off to our usual Star Diner, for some after-May grub. It was a great turnout, especially considering the rain and being a weekday. Thanks to everyone who came out. "We were up long before the day-o, to welcome in the summer, to welcome in the May-o." -Marc

Some ADF reporting-type statistics: we had 11 at the vigil in New Brunswick (where we danced Happy Snappy in the street and around the block); 16 in Princeton (14 singers and 2 dancers); and 15 at the Star Diner for breakfast. It was really incredible to see the Millstone Morris, Stony Brook, and Braintrust Morris coming out to dance despite the pouring rain and lightning (never mind us, because we know we're crazy).

On the streets of New Brunswick on May Eve!
The tradition continues on Beltane Morn! Our three hobby-horse runners.