GOG's Autumn Equinox Ritual to Baucis and Philemon

Marc led us in a solemn High Church (GOG? High Church?!) ritual to Baucis and Philemon honoring the story of their hospitality and generosity. GOG hosted 20 Druids for this ritual, who each brought offerings of their own hospitality. It was a lovely and moving ritual, very focused. Hermes and Zeus opened the gates for us and blessed them, and Jenniforensics drew down Baucis and told us the story. Tricia was our oracle: "Are we ever really alone?"

Jenniforensic -
Liturgist and Assistant Druid-in-Charge
Marc - Liturgist and Druid-in-Charge
Bull Sacrifice of four Red Bulls
Hillary was our spectacular kitchen witch, who, because of her health inspector training, knew exactly how many parts per million of rat was permitted in each item of food.
Try a bite of Alex's Trilobite Cake.