September 27th:
GOG's Autumn Equinox Ritual to Epona

28 people attended our Autumn ritual to the Celtic Goddess of Horses and Dreams. Kerry did a fine job as Druid-in-Charge, helped by Hillary and Nora and Alex. Hillary led a journey meditation that took us on horses, and had us riding in and out of the invocations. We had to perform the ritual indoors, due to rain. Still, our indoor altar was beautiful, with saddle and saddlebags, riding helmet, roses, apples, curry combs, and horse tack. There was a lot of amazing praise, songs and poems and stories and memories of horses. Jen did a fine job of barding, Norma was kitchen witch. Omens, from several dream interpretation books: Rain... when you dream of rain it means blessings, but rain in the autumn is bad for the harvest; Ambush...when you dream of ambush it means challenges; Playgrounds... and rain on playgrounds...when you dream of playgrounds it means memories of childhood, or acting like a child.
Photos: Ed and Marc.

Click here for Nicathiel's Galloping Praise Offering to Epona: People of the Horse

Kerry, Druid-in-Charge of the Ritual to Epona
Kerry's painting of
a sacred horse.
A beautiful painting of Mischa on his beloved horse, Ragnarok. Mischa's Ancestors invocation was in honor of Ragnarok and other horses that are no longer in the world of the living.