GOG's Autumn Equinox Ritual to the Earth Mother!

GOG honored the Earth Mother at our Autumn Equinox Rite this year. It had been raining all morning, but the rain stopped just before the doors opened at 2pm. Consequently, it was wet outside, and you could smell the damp fertile earth all during the rite.
Lots of good invocations, lots of good food, too. Tricia was our Druid in Charge. The ritual parts: Nora - first Earth Mother invocation; Norma - meditation; Jenniforensic - Air as muse; Alex - horizontal directions; Blue - Well; Marc - Fire; Daphne - Tree; Patty - Raritan River, D&R canal as locks and gates (Gatekeeper); Andraya - Outsiders; Josh - Ancestors; Deb Sandrock - Nature Spirits; Betty - Gods and Goddesses; Tricia - main invocation: the Earth Mother, giving us all hugs; Praise - lots of folks. Our omen (from a divination deck made during the planning meeting): 2 acorns; apple with 5 seeds in a pentacle; a cloud (with a raindrop). And after the ritual was over, a huge rainbow appeared in the sky.
Ed was our Kitchen Witch. 7 attended the planning meeting. 21 attended the ritual.
(Photos: Daphne, Marc, Tricia, Bob.)

Tricia, our Druid-in-Charge
Our Kitchen Witch
Please click here for the rainbow
and more photos!