GOG's 2010 Fall Equinox Ritual to the Nature Spirits-- the Ants and the Grasshopper

Very cool rite for the Fall Equinox! Cicely was Druid-in-Charge, and did a fine job, and Blue wrote a fantastic hilarious script for our Ant and Grasshopper Shadow Play, which we will post on the GOG Web site. 14 attended. As Cicely noted: "more sung praise than you've ever heard before!"
ā€ˇThanks to Karl and Norma and Cicely and Blue and Ed for putting the shadow play together, and thank you to those who played parts. (Rehearsals are for sissies.) It was lots of fun. Karl was kitchen witch (much thanks). GOG's omen on runic acorns: Berkana, Thurisaz, Raido. From what I can remember: "You can't stand still and protect yourself and move forward at the same time. You have to choose and balance between these."

(click here for script)

Cicely, our Druid-in-Charge
Blue, the author of our shadow play: The Ants and the Grasshopper. (Click here!)
Click here for more photos!