September 24th: GOG's Autumn Equinox Ritual!
A ritual to Yama, Hindu / Vedic Ruler of the Departed, Lord of the Dead.
13 attended GOG's Autumn Equinox Ritual to Yama, Vedic/Hindu lord of death and judgment. This was a beautiful ritual, more solemn than most GOG rites. Marc organized the rite and invoked / channeled Yama; Jen was Druid-in-Charge. The rite centered around an indoor Yajna fire, which was scryed for omens: "When the flame is at its lowest, that is just before it flares up"; "Foxes-- serious and playful: take life seriously, but don't forget to play"; "Sometimes you're looking at the fire, sometimes only its reflection"; "a skull in the flames, but it's not scary"; "You can teach people and be taught, but no one can tell you what life is like." Nearly all the attendees took a part in this ritual. 7 people attended the planning meeting the week before. Norma was our kitchen witch.

Jen was our Druid-in-Charge
Marc channeled Yama, lord of Death and Judgement