GOG's 2014 Autumn Ritual was in honor of TARANIS a pan-Celtic Gaulish sky god; He's associated with the sun, makes lightning and thunder, is responsible for weather, and He carries a thunder stick and a wheel. He's also a fire god. It was a small focused group (8) and everyone participated. The invocations were spot-on. Our praise culminated in the fire offering of an awesome wooden wheel image that was soaked in Jameson Irish whiskey (thank you, Sharon!). Our omens, fire scrying: butterfly, caterpillar, mistletoe flower, eye-peacock feather, fire flowing like water, wheel as protection, Taranis sipping the whiskey. Laura provided lightning-struck wood from an oak tree and Norma charmed pieces with red ribbon. They were passed out to the attendees as lightning protectors. The weather god gave us beautiful weather, and we had a lot of really fine food around the fire after the rite.