40 people attended GOG's 2005 MayFaire at a park in Morristown. Drenching rain had been predicted, but it turned out to be a sunny day. The ritual, led by Erica, honored Janus and Fortuna. The day was all about conspiracies, and people were divided up into three secret societies to come up with ritual invocations. Jen and Patty led a tin-foil hat-making workshop so the CIA couldn't hear our thoughts during the MayFaire. Ed initiated a bunch of people into the Master Degree of the Free and Accepted Plumbers. Norma led a floral headwreath and tentacle workshop. Patrick and Freya tested our woodsy skills. There was a labyrinth, Maypole, a dog-and-pony show, a romping dragon, a rampant pinata, a horned rag man, and lots of food.


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