May 3rd: GOG's Beltane MayFaire
Our MayFaire was funny, and surprisingly sexy for GOG. 27 people enjoyed themselves making floral headwreaths for pretty Parvati, enjoying Ganesha's bake-off and boasting, the 3-legged shakti race, Kartikeya's henna painting, Shiva's big maypole, and lots of ritual. Karl led the rite, which was in honor of the Divine Family: Parvati, Shiva, Ganesha, Kartikeya, and Nandi, and most of the folks attending took parts. Deb organized the rite, and invoked Parvati. The omens: join up and enjoy yourselves (from the Kama Sutra deck). For the first time in years, the ritual was held indoors, but the rain held off until the outdoor festivities had finished. Much thanks to Bob, Patty, and Tricia for hosting, and thanks go to our kitchen witches, Bob and Chuck, for the bar-b-que. 9 attended the planning meeting and helped plan the ritual and the day.

Many thanks to Daphne, Marc, and Ed for the photos!

Slideshow of GOG's Beltane MayFaire (Thanks, Fox & Joey!)

Maypole Movie! (Thanks, Marc!)

Karl, our Druid in Charge
Parvati and Shiva (and Cecily)
Making Headwreaths!
Ganesha's bake-off and Kartikeya's bragging contest!




3-legged Shakti race!

Shiva's Great MayPole!

Lots of pictures of people!