Tiu's Day, May 1st: Beltane at Dawn in Princeton!!
One of the most beautiful sights you'll ever see: Each year, at dawn on the Princeton Battlegrounds, Morris Dancers and Molly Dancers wake up the Spring. This was their twenty-sixth year. For ten years now, GOG has contributed with our Hobby Horse romp and the Padstowe May Morning song. Yes, it's early and on a weekday. The best and most sacred things sometimes take a little effort. 11 Druids attended the overnight vigil; we watched a 1950s video of May morning in Padstowe England, and also a video of English street traditions; we made boutonnieres to wear May morning. 15 Druids arrived in the dark at the battlegrounds to assemble for the Hobby Horse ritual and Padstow's song. It was a wonderful morning.

Jenniforensic, our horse dancer; Patty, our Teaser; Norma leads the grove's attempt to sing the Padstow-Princeton Morning Song...

More Photos of People and Beltane Dawn-- Click here!