Thor's Day, April 30th - Frigga's Day, May 1st: Beltane Vigil and Dawn in Princeton

15 Grove of the Other Gods, ADF, Druids at **THE BREAK OF DAWN** joined Millstone Morris Dancers, Molly Dancers, and Maypole Dancers and others to do traditional dances to wake the earth in Princeton, NJ. There were about 60 spectators. Our Grove contributed to the Dawn festivities with a Hobby Horse frolic and a traditional May Song.
A vigil was held on the evening of Thor's Day, April 30th, until dawn. 10 attended the vigil. During the vigil we made sunflower boutonnieres and chocolate truffles, and we made a fire so Annie could offer her master's thesis on settlement patterns in Iceland to Odin. It was raining a little as it was getting toward dawn. We drove to Princeton in 4 cars on the deserted roads. The rain stopped as we parked by the battlegrounds. When it came our turn to sing and dance in the dawn, Jen was our horse and Patty our teaser. Both were crazy and energetic, and Jen really got the horse to leap! Some of our best singers were out with colds, but we weren't going to be stopped, and Annie took the solo part and saved the day with her fine voice. Along with the Morris Dancers and Molly Dancers and Madrigal Singers and Maypole, the Strawberry Lady was there, and a gentleman offering fresh flowers. This is the magic that turns the year, year after year. It started raining again when the festivities were done, as we drove out to a diner.

Photos: Marc and Ed.

First - the Vigil:
Practicing the Padstow Morning Song, making boutonnieres, and watching videos of British customs from the 1950s.
Click here for Beltane DAWN on the Princeton Battlegrounds!