GOG's Imbolc 2006

40 people attended Grove of the Other Gods' 2006 Imbolc ritual, led by Nora. The ritual honored Brigid as Goddess of Smithcraft, Metalworking, Crafts, and the Forge. There were two planning meetings, where a bunch of us hammered a copper plate into a ritual bowl. (Click here for photos of the planning meeting!) During the procession into the ritual space, each person at the ritual got to hammer the bowl, which was finished during the ritual. There was a lot of participation in this long ritual, lots of praise, music, offerings, (Click here for the drawing down of Brigid that Jack drew during the ritual; she's focused on her forge.) and we came away with good omens scryed from the bowl we made: the seers scryed an anchor that at first was small, and then grew larger; we are more than the sum of our parts, we can do more than we think we can, we are stronger than we realize, we need to have more faith in ourselves. (There was also something about grounding in that anchor.) After the ritual, we made butter, Brigid's crosses, and various crafts. We ate a lot of food. We gathered around a fire and burned offerings, including the Brigid dolly made before the ritual. Each person got craft supplies and a Brigid' brat. Click Here for Kristen's Quotes from the Ritual! Thank you Trish, for the photos!

Our Druid in Charge

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Fire and Offerings!




Imbolc Planning Meetings and Metalworking


Kristen's Quotes from Imbolc