February 4th 2007: GOG's IMBOLC Rite

Our Imbolc ritual honored Brigantia, warrior Goddess of the Brigands, in honor of the warrior in all of us. Each celebrant was challenged by a Roman centurion (Hillary) on the way in, and then marked in blue ink by Norma and Jack. Nora, Betty, and Ed did the main invocations to Brigantia, while Tricia invoked her as gatekeeper and Annie as muse. Thanks to Jenniforensic for barding, Bob for kitchen-witching, and Marc for willowing. This was a lovely, solemn (for us), and heart-filled ritual. 32 attended. Click here for Kristen's Quotes from the ritual. Click here for group praise, Annie's Song for Brigantia: She Will Rock You. Click here for Jack's drawing down offering.

Betty, Druid-in-Charge
"You are trespassing on Roman territory. Why do you come here?"
The Pre-Rite Briefing

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(More people, butter-making, Brigid's crosses, and fire offering)