February 2nd: IMBOLC!!
The many aspects of Brigid.
"There are many legends and customs connected with Bride. 
Some of these seem inconsistent with one another and with the character of the Saint of Kildare." 
       --Alexander Carmichael, Carmina Gadelica, 1899

This was a very solemn and scripted ritual for GOG, and came off very well. Tricia, Malcolm, Nora, Ed, and Patty were liturgists, with Patty acting as Druid-in-Charge and all five helping to run the ritual and invoking Brigid in many different aspects. Additional invocations were done by Maggie, Jack, Andraya, and Jenniforensic (who did an wonderful Oscars red-carpet-style invocationof Gods and Goddesses, based on an idea by Alex). A ritual procession let everyone light candles from a flame lit off the fire at Brigid's altar in Kildare, Ireland; water from Brigid's well was used to quench the flame; and ashes were smudged on foreheads. Jenniforensic did a great job as bard for the ritual, even introducing a new song that we used for the waters of life. Brigid's brats were passed out afterwards, we made Brigid "crosses" and triskeles, and we made butter. The food was hearty and didn't run out. Jason, Jeri Ann, and Sophia, by way of Bulgaria, sent us a King Cake that had a baby baked in it, from a New Orleans bakery, and a GOG couple with a baby-- got the baby (which made sense, since they've got one already). Norma and Hillary were the capable kitchen witches. 32 attended the rite, we had 34 for the day.
Click here for aspects invoked (PDF); Here's the script! (PDF)

Jack's Traditional "Drawing Down"