February 12, 2011
Imbolc Ritual in honor of the Celtic Deity Brigid as Goddess of Fire and as Flame Itself.

"I am the flame. I am the spark of the forge. I am the warmth of the home. I am the heart of the poet. I am the bite that wards. I am the flame."

A beautiful, powerful Imbolc ritual! Tiffany led the planning and design and invoked Brigid as Flame Itself. Ed was the Druid in Charge. 14 attended the planning meeting and helped with preparation. 25 attended the ritual, and many took parts. The fire and candles were hypnotic, the invocations fiery (some were scary). Tiff's invocation and Jen's singing built a lot of energy. Kerry had two solo songs. Our willows had fire extinguishers. Norma was kitchen witch. (Those last two things are not related.)
Our omens, as scryed in the fire by Tricia, Nora, and Patty: "A hearth fire with a house around it, a single person behind. People, pillars of support. Flowers, branches, shoots, leaves. Hearth fire, family, community. Spring growth, growth in family, growth in hearth, growth in flame."
We offered our newly made Brigid dolly to the fire, made butter, passed out brats from Brigid's mantle, and made Brigid's crosses. Brigid through Tiffany lit and blessed candles from a candle lit from a candle lit from Brigid's fire in Kildare. And thank you to all for the spread of terrific food! (Photos: Norma and Bob.)

Ed was Druid-in-Charge.
Tiffany invoked Brigid as Fire Itself.