February 4th, 2012: GOG's Bardic Imbolc!
GOG's Imbolc Rite was in honor of the Celtic Deity Brigid as Goddess of Poetry, Song, and all Bardic Inspiration. Kerry was a fine Druid-In-Charge and organized a ritual full of music, singing, poetry, and stories. It was wonderful. 30 people attended, processing one by one into the ritual space. Jen drew down Brigid, and many people participated with invocations and praise. Afterward, we made butter, Brigid's crosses, and had a bardic circle with more singing, stories, and poetry. Then we offered the Brigid dolly that Kristen and Karl made from reeds into the fire, and many grovies hung out after the gates were closed enjoying the fire and conversation. Omens drawn from stitchomancy were (from what I remember): Humor, a gentle feminine nature, and "to joy." Good omens indeed! Deb was our heroic kitchen witch for this rite, and people brought a whole lot of good food that lasted well into the night.
13 participated in the planning meeting.
And thank you all for the nonperishable food donations for the MCFOODS pantry!
Our heroic kitchen witch!
Food Bank donations!
Jack's traditional offering of a drawing created during the ritual: