August 14th 2005: GOG Harvest Ritual to John Barleycorn
41 grove members and guests came from all directions to help kill John Barleycorn! A harvest ritual of feasting ensued that honored John Barleycorn, personification of the harvest, both fermented and unfermented. Ed was Druid-in-Charge, sacrificial victim, and also "proved the strongest man at last." Thanks to all for the tons of food and drink- you made and ate amazing amounts of delicious food. Special thanks to Jason for The Macallan twelve-year-old single malt. Kudos to our hardworking kitchen witches- Deb, Blue, Norma, and Maria Raven- for perfect timing and kitchening beyond the call of duty. Thanks to Jenne, our steadfast and unflappable bard. Norma's special thanks to everyone who helped clean up the kitchen, house, and yard. Thanks to Jeff and his guitar, and to Jenniforensics and Tricia for dumping dirt, water, and flour on Ed's head and chasing him with scythes and pitchforks. Thank you, Marc, for the photos! Click here for the song John Barleycorn Must Die!
and Click here for the rough script.


Ed - Druid-in-Charge and Barleycorn, "the strongest man at last!"

UPDATE 12/05: Ed has finally gotten rid of the fungus growing in his ear (...plowed and sowed and harrowed him in, threw clods upon his head...) from the ritual.

--List of Ritual Harvest Feast items for our four kitchen witches
Lugh the Muse--
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