35 GoGers and guests got their hands stamped at the door to attend GoG's Lughnapallooza, a punk Druid ritual in which we told the story of Lugh at the gates of Club Tara. Chuck invoked an amazing and fantastic Lugh who told us the true story of the Magh-Tuireadh Battle of the Bands (filling in for Patty, who broke her arm the week before). Annie was our organized and insanely capable (or capably insane?) Druid-in-Charge and ritual planner. Bouncers were Jenniforensic, Bob, and Matt.
Cicely started us off banging garbage can lids together. Lugh's buddy Manny Overboard (Manannan MacLir) opened the gates for us. There was much mayhem and slam dancing and popcorn went flying. We sacrificed a vegan bread man. Our omens were taken from an iPod on "shuffle." There was dancing and music and talking until the wee hours. Thanks to Tricia, Maria, and others for sweeping and cleanup. Thanks to Norma for kitchen witching. Thanks to all for invocations, praise, talents, celebration, and all that food.
(Many of our Druids have been creating ritual playlists-- lists of songs they like that reflect the order of Druid ritual. It was cool to hear a full ritual done with a song list, and a punk song list made it even better. Click on the photo of the script to see Annie's playlist.

Annie- our Druid-in-Charge

Lugh at the gates of Club Tara:
"Sorry, Dude. We already got a drummer."

"Oh Yeah? You got a bass player? How about that?"

Click here to see the script and playlist!!