August 12th: A Harvest Ritual to Tammuz (GOG's Lughnasadh)
32 attended GOG's Lughnassadh FIRST HARVEST RITUAL honoring the Hittite/Babylonian God Tammuz. Kristen did a fine job leading a solemn ritual as we joined Tammuz in the underworld. Pat drew down Tammuz. This was a sad and emotionally intense ritual. The invocations were lovely and spot-on. Kristen's retelling of this ancient story of harvest, sacrifice, and The Wheel of the Year was well-researched and beautifully done. There was a great amount of praise for the deity and the occasion. Our omens were Sorrow, Fight, and The Returning Hero (Victory). Many thanks to all who invoked, brought praise, or brought the tons of food and helped with the cleanup! Thanks to Bob, Jen, and Marc for Kitchen-witching.


Kristen- our Liturgist and Druid-in-Charge