GOG's Lughnasadh Teltown Fair

A ritual to honor harvests of all sorts! GOG held a mini Teltown Fair honoring Tailtiu, the foster mother of Lugh, and the harvest-hero Lugh himself. 30 attended. As part of the fair atmosphere, we hauled out a whole bunch of our old grove props from previous rituals: tall giant, fiery dragon, costumes, spears, swords, hats, helmets, horned guys, sun wheels, blindfolds, horse, dead horse, other farm animals, signs, and wells we have used, trees we have used, fires we have used, and icons for ancestors, nature spirits, and gods and goddesses, all in a very organized jumble. Many thanks to those who organized it all!' Quite a collection. Each person invoking had to pick a prop to invoke with. With all this, many of the invocations and much of the praise was directed toward the grove itself. Fortunately, the rainy weather broke, with Hurricane Bill cycling off the coast, and we were able to have the ritual outdoors. It turned out to be a relaxed and fun ritual. Tailtu was invoked as an earth mother who died to clear her land for human use, breaking her heart. Lugh was invoked to bless us with the skills we might need. Lots of cool praise. Our omen, from the entrails of a BLT smashed against the world tree: "Things are bigger and go farther than you think; when life hands you lemons, make lemon chiffon pie." Also, from Pattie's Lugh deck: "You may spend your whole life trying to decipher the meaning of this card." Karl and Marc were our kitchen witches for this ritual.

Ed, Druid in Charge
Earth Mother
Bran's Tower
Opening Chime (from Lughnapalooza)
Wells and Fires
and Trees
Mari Lywd and Dragon
Spirits of Nature & Place
Godesses and Gods
Our Kitchen Witches