GOG's 2010 Lughnasadh Celebration

A refreshing and invigorating ritual. Deb was our heroic Druid-in-Charge. Thanks to all who invoked, and Laurel for Lord of the Dance, and Jow for the Cernunnos invocation. Also, to the Earth Mother for giving us the Waters of Life so abundantly and right when we asked for it. It was a gift that we needed.
Thanks to Jen for barding, and Bob for working the kitchen. Lots of praise should go to all who attended the planning meeting and organized and prepared for the rite. Thank you Patty and Marc and Ed for your memories of Isaac. Thanks to all who gave generously in our raffle for Isaac's funeral expenses, both in donations and in stuff to raffle off: Kerry's tremendous Cernunnos banner, Tricia's prayer beads, Karl's felted pumpkin, Patty's staff, Meryl's print. With extra donations from Karl and an anonymous donor, we raised an impressive amount.
Our omen, from the Robin Wood deck: 6 of coins, 8 of cups, knight of swords-- "You're getting a gift, don't turn your back on it, take it and fly," Also "storm" and "quickness" from the knight. I think this somewhat had to do with the rain. It was a gift we've been waiting weeks for, and it gave us a much needed soaking that lasted for three days.
We had 26 for the ritual, 12 for the planning meeting.

Deb, Druid-in-Charge; Jow, Main Invocation of Cernunnos.

Of what does the Earth Mother give that we may know of the eternal renewal of Her blessings?


Click here for Isaac Bonewits Memorial Altar and for the Raffle to help pay his funeral expenses.