August 14th 2011: GOG's Lughnasadh Rite

16 participated in GOG's Lughnasadh (despite constant thunderstorms). Nora led our ritual to Gnomes, Brownies, Dwarves, and other helpful fey. We honored the bringing home of the harvest as well as other tasks, and honored those who delight in helping. Our omen, scent-scryed in herbs: "savory and then sweet; you work and keep working, things constantly change, it gets sweeter; it gets better and then it's not and then it gets better again and the one constant is change."

Thanks to all who participated in GOG's Lughnasadh raffle to benefit Rose's Ramp Fund to help build a wheelchair ramp for Rose! And thanks to all who bought ponchos for Rose's Ramp Fund at the Pagan Picnic and GOG's Lughnasadh and elsewhere and elsewhen.

Nora, our delightful and accomplished Druid-in-Charge....
(Horizontal directions...)
(Creating preserves...)
Norma was our Kitchen Witch.