Saturn's Day, November 15, 2008: Feast Day of Manannan Mac Lir

14 attended our annual ritual to Manannan Mac Lir on the beach in Point Pleasant. It was sunny and warm until we got to the beach, where it turned very misty and a lot cooler. It was like Manannan opened up his gray cloak and and enveloped us. We performed a brief ADF ritual and made offerings of beer, grain, oatmeal, whiskey, and our well water from the past year into the ocean. Most of us got wetter than we had intended. The water was warmish. It was an exhilarating experience. We fed the seagulls. Then we went to the arcade and played games, winning small plastic creatures and suchlike. Then to the Atlantis Diner.
Photos by Marc, Bob, Ed, Norma.

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