June 11th: GOG's 2005 Summer Walkaround Ritual
As in past years, we took the ADF Druid ritual for a walk around historical New Brunswick as we honored our local land, the Raritan River, and local nature spirits. Some of the pirates and smugglers out of central New Jersey's history joined us- as portrayed by grove members. We had 27 for the ritual walkaround and 32 for the day. Everyone had fun, dressed up like pirates and walking through the city, especially the kids. We also collected a couple of big bags of cans and boxes for one of New Brunswick's food kitchens. Thanks to all who donated. Thanks to Vigil for being cook and galley slave. Thanks to Carol for the pirate idea, and holding the home front. Thanks to all who portrayed the pirates, invoked the gates and kindreds, or otherwise participated! Y'arrrrrrrr!!

Click here for pirate scripts of historical central NJ pirates as portrayed in the pirate ritual! Y'arrrrrrrr!!!

Thank you Marc for the Photos

"Dreaded" Ann Bonny and her "Treasure Chest"

A Treasure Map?

We found an early omen