2006 WILD SIDHE OF NEW BRUNSWICK Summer Solstice Walking Ritual

Not much walking in our traditional walking ritual, dedicated to land and nature spirits, but plenty of other physical activities this year as we sought out and honored the wilder, darker fey of New Brunswick, NJ. Marc led us on a walk in our heads, rather than in the rain outside. 24 people attended, dressed in their most provocative, but street-legal Goth and Fey best. Our omens were from the fairy deck: the Bogeyman: get past your fears; the Fachow: as an "earth-man," land spirits are with you; Fairy Horse: beginning of journeys; and Tam Lin: a strong woman will help us. Good omens.
In addition to all the fun, we collected lots of cans and boxes of foodstuffs for a local womens' shelter.

Click here for Kristen's Quotes from the Wild Sidhe Ritual

--Marc, our Druid-in-Charge
Lots of food for the
Womens' Shelter--