June 23rd: Summer Solstice Ritual to Asphaltia, the Great American Goddess of the Highways!! Photos of our Trip!!!

In which we honored our own (Crossroads of the Revolution) New Jersey (Barrel Tapped at Both Ends) Nature Spirits in a (What Exit?) ritual to Asphaltia, (Doing the Parkway Boogie) the Great American Goddess of the Highways. We toured and honored New Brunwick (The Hub City) in little metal cars, hitting scenic ritual (rest) stops along the way. 18 attended. Thanks to Alex for kitchen-witching and Carol for keeping an eye on the house while we were all out traveling. Maggie did a great job as Liturgist and Druid in Charge. Pat was the avatar of The Walkie Guy, our gatekeeper, along with his alter-ego, The Red Hand. We carried signs, a stoplight and street sign, We stopped traffic, we were traffic, it was all a lot of fun. The main invocations of Asphaltia and our local nature spirit New Brunswick were intense. Our omens were taken by radiomancy. There was wonderful praise, but the best quote of the day came from one of the passers-by. When we explained who we were and what we were doing, he thought about and said, "Well, believing in only one God... that's just one step up from atheism, isn't it?"


Maggie- Our Liturgist, Driver, and Druid in Charge.
We had a planning meeting a week or so before the ritual.
The planning meeting went well.
We suited up for the trip on Ritual Day.
The ritual started in the driveway...
The Walkie Guy was our Gatekeeper
He led our way as we drove our little cars through the city..

Our well was a travel mug, our fire a cigarette lighter, and our sacred tree a stoplight pole we carried with us.
We had EZ-Pass to speed us along.

"Are we lost? I swear we've passed that tree before. Are we there yet? I need to pee. Please stop the car. Oooo- a W! I saw a W!. I'm hungry...can we stop and eat? I wanna go to Denny's! Ow! Hey! He's poking me! She's on MY SIDE of the car! Stop poking me!"

"If you don't start behaving, I'm gonna turn this ritual around!"

Much needed REST STOP!
Time to check the map!